Common Myths About Google Ads Which You Should Ignore

In the modern building industry, everything seems to be revolving around technology. The Google giant with its advertising platform can make or break a business. 

With all the contradicting information out there about Google Ads, many builders are reluctant to make use of the opportunity. Read further about some common myths about Google Ads and ​​see how Tradies Go can put Google Ads to work effectively and efficiently to launch your building business to the next level.

Google Ads don’t work

A common misconception is that people don’t click on ads and scroll past them to get to the organic content. One merely needs to look at Google’s bottom line from ad revenue alone to know that this is not true. What is true, is that it’s all about using the right keywords and writing captivating copy so you can target the right audience and track your results. 

Google Ads work against your SEO

Just because you are making use of search engine optimisation, this doesn’t mean you don’t need Google Ads. In fact, they are two tactics that are complementary to one another. SEO helps drive organic traffic to your site, while paid advertising takes a more targeted approach. But both work together, in the end, to drive quality traffic to your website and enhance your overall SERP coverage. 

It’s expensive

On the contrary, Google Ads can be a great resource for local and small businesses with limited advertising budgets. Google Ads are driven by exact targeting criteria to a defined audience in a certain area. So your advertising is actually much lower while your efficiency increases. You also determine your own budget as there is no minimum spend. The ultimate goal is to get a return on your investment. 

Google Ads work immediately

Time and patience is needed when going the Google Ads route. Results can change weekly or monthly. One needs to understand that Google Ad campaigns take into account several factors like bidding amount, optimisation, bounce-back rate and seasonality. 

Tradies Go directs digital marketing efforts for builders and the building sector. We implement specific tactics to maximise your attraction and lead generation efforts, and we aim at making your conversion and nurturing more effective.

Get started here and see if we’re the right next step for your building company.

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