Google Ads for Tradies Best Practices

Are you running a trade or construction company and you’re always on the hunt for new jobs for our team? Google Ads can help you get noticed by the right customers at the right time. At TradiesGo, we have the time, experience, and certification to walk you through Google Ads for tradies to help your business grow and thrive

Why Do Tradies Need Google Ads?

Traditional advertising feels more like playing darts blindfolded. You’d put your name on billboards or stick flyers in letterboxes, hoping the right customer would see it. But let’s be honest, most of your potential clients are either lost on their phones or haven’t checked their mailboxes in weeks. 

Google Ads puts you right in front of people actively searching for your services. These customers aren’t just browsing randomly; they’re ready to hire you. And the best part? You only pay when someone clicks your ad, which means you’re getting serious leads and you never have to worry about blowing the budget.


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How to Get Ahead With Google Ads for Tradies

Google Ads may sound complex, but it’s actually simple. It’s like an auction where you bid on keywords and you have to be precise with your keywords to reach those customers who need urgent services. For example, if you run a plumbing company, instead of just a “plumber,” terms like “emergency after-hours drain specialist” will attract those who need urgent help with their plumbing system. 

What we love most about Google Ads is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You won’t have to waste money on ads that don’t work and you can choose where your ad shows up, so it targets people in your service area.

And here’s the cherry on top: you can add extensions to your ads to make it easier for customers to reach you. For example, they can click on a phone number or a “Call Now” button right from your ad. It’s all about making it simple for them to connect with you and get their issues sorted quickly.

Pro Tips for Tradie Success With Google Ads

Here at TradiesGo, we’ve helped 100s of trades, construction and even SAAS companies in the trade niche just like yourself get better leads for their business with Google Ads. Here’s how:

Keyword Magic

Instead of using general terms like "plumber," we'll assist you in finding precise keywords like "emergency after-hours bathroom leak repair." These detailed keywords grab the attention of customers facing urgent issues, increasing the chances they'll contact you immediately. This leads to more clicks, more successful deals, and happier customers.

Instead of guessing what an electrician does, we’ll use negative keywords like ‘auto electrician’ because we know the difference between a spark and an auto-spark.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Your advertisement is the first thing people notice about you. We'll create straightforward, interesting messages that showcase what sets you apart. Whether you provide round-the-clock service or specialise in something specific, we'll make sure it stands out on Google search results.

We build landing pages, review conversions and write new ad copy for you.

Location, Location, Location

There's no sense in displaying your ad to folks in Perth if you're only serving Sydney. We'll set up targeted location settings so your ads only pop up for searches made in your area. This sharp focus ensures you're reaching the right crowd, and getting the most out of your investment.

We can also do some smart targeting so we uber target the specific areas where you want to do work.

Mobile First

Nowadays, everyone's always on their phones. That's why we'll ensure your ads and landing page work smoothly on mobile. If it's hard to use or takes forever to load, customers will bail. We'll make sure everything looks great and is easy to use, whether they're on a phone or tablet, so those clicks quickly become calls.

Track and Analyze

We'll track your campaign to see which keywords and ads are bringing in the most business. With this info, we can tweak your strategy to get even better results. Google Ads is all about getting better over time, and we'll be with you to help maximize your investment every step of the way.

Grow Your Business With Google Ads

Google Ads can make a big difference for tradies like us. It helps us connect with the right customers, at the right moment, with precision. Stop throwing money away on ads and keywords that don’t rank. Take control and watch your business grow. Let TradiesGo lend a hand in your success with the best Google Ads for tradies services in the country. 

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Steph and the team have been a pleasure to deal with in creating our website back in 2019! No question has been too big or small and the team have always been available to assist in every way promptly & professionally over the years. I would highly recommend Tradies 2 Go
The team at Tradies Go have so far lived up to the hype! Very attentive and open to client input. Happy customer!
Stephanie and the team at TradiesGo have been incredible! They completely redesigned our website and are doing an amazing job managing our SEO and Google advertising. At every stage they've been amazing to deal with. I thoroughly recommend them!
The Tradies Go Team provide an excellent service and definitely put in the work required to get you seen online!
We have been with Tradies Go for about 6 months and have found them to be absolutely wonderful, our SEO is doing fantastic, our phones are ringing and the updates they did on our website were amazing. We came to Tradies Go after a really unfortunate few months with another company and they restored our faith in SEO companies. They are quick to get back to you, we have monthly meetings going over everything they have done and the outcome and everything they intend to do the next month. They have also worked seamlessly with another company we use for our CRM to ensure an easy flow between the two systems. Couldn't recommend them more. Thanks team
Our team had a really informative sales and marketing session with Steph. She managed to update our whole approach to marketing and reviewed our sales strategy in an easy to understand workshop. She is a valuable asset to any business.
Steph has a wealth of knowledge for all things marketing and helped our team vastly improve our marketing and sales processes in just a two hour session! We would highly recommend her services.
Steph is an incredible marketer who is truely an expert in her field. She knows exactly what makes a good website, how to attract the right customers for your business and exactly the way you need to speak to them. I booked a 2 hour marketing session with her and my team and I came away buzzing. We could have spent hours with her and all of her incredible knowledge. I have no hesitation in recommending her to my network. She has been invaluable to my business.
The whole team is highly professional and I appreciate the thorough effort they put in to get the best results. Their clear communication and enthusiasm has been very much appreciated. I would highly recommend you reach out to these guys for a friendly chat to see what's possible.
The team here are amazing. Always supportive and they are accessible when I need their help. They provide accurate information and have their fingers on the pulse on relevant data.
I can not rate Steph and her team highly enough. They Quickly identified my issues and came up with solutions straight away. I have now found my tech company for good.
Steph and her team were engaged to build my first company website using the Tradies Get Online program. Since then my business has grown significantly because I was continuously ranking high on Google. She was able to continually improve and update the site as per my requirements and provided sound logical advice to me when I needed it most. I would recommend Steph to anyone looking to grow and develop their trade business.
I had a 45 min chat with Steph last year. In a completely FREE consult she did an audit on my website at the time that gave me the push I needed to overhaul it to a far better WordPress site. It was so valuable and although I'm not a tradie so not her target client, she still made sure I got value from that call. I've been recommending her to my Aussie trades clients ever since.
Have worked with Stephanie and her team for a while now. I love her vision and passion, it excites me to do things, to implement and grow.
My small business wasn't the right fit for TradiesGO yet but Stephanie was still able to give me some really helpful advice. Thanks!
Stephanie and her team know their stuff. They helped us with our new website to attract the customers we want. Fantastic team looking forward to working with them to grow our business.
Cant speak highly enough of Stephanie from tradies get online! I’ve been following her Instagram for months and decided to contact her to speak about my business. My business is still quite young and we determined we may not be a good fit yet but she gave me a lot of really good actionable tips to start implementing. Not often do you come across a business who doesn't just want to take your money. honesty and transparency are traits often lost in businesses so it’s nice to speak to someone genuine, on-top that Stephanie is clearly great at what she does. Looking forward to hopefully working together in the future
Response from the owner: Hey Luke! Thanks so much for the review. We really appreciate it!
Wow what a professional service experience , Stephanie took my inquiry on Sunday and restored my suspended website same day.Halifax has tried and test many marketing agency and finally now committed with a long term relationship having full confidence in Stephanie's expertise knowledge of all the back end and content needs to be number 1 on google. Very responsive,professional service, value for money highly recommend.
Response from the owner: Bill. I am so glad you're 'one of us now' welcome to Tradies Get Online. We love taking care of your business' online marketing.Steph.
Steph is an amazing marketing guru and knows exactly how to help Tradies get their businesses primed for making more clients, landing more proposals and accelerating growth through innovative marketing strategies and business automation. We will be referring more of our accounting clients to Tradies Get Online over 2021. Thank you for your awesome business Steph.
Response from the owner: Meena! Thank you so much for this wonderful review.Steph.
Steph and her Team have been instrumental in keeping our Business ahead of the Pack during these difficult difficult times. It proves that Businesses can grow during difficult times if the right strategies are put in place.
Response from the owner: Lynton - thank you so much for your review. It means the world to us.
I've been very happy with the support and advice we've had from the team at Tradies Get Online. They understand marketing and helped us set up our website so it generates enquiries and converts leads really well. Good to work with and decent people. We'll be using them into the future
Response from the owner: Jon you are a legend and we love taking care of you 🙂
I just want to say a massive thank you to Stephanie and the entire rockstar team at Tradies Get Online.My plumbing company started slow. We hired the wrong team and fell into a few shark traps.I was hesitant at first to jump back in, but after watching all of Stephanie’s YouTube content I knew she was the right one to make my website rank and fix all my seo.
Response from the owner: Thank You Roberta. Your Plumbing business is now solid 🙂
Tradies Get Online are the best Sydney SEO agency for tradies. Direct access to Steph and the team at the drop of the hat. Thank you so much for the communication and RESULTS.
Steph, Rose and their amazing team have set up my website and an email nurturing campaign.Nothing is a problem for them and I cant wait to see it work.Thanks ladies !!!
Response from the owner: Hey Steve!!! Thank you so much for your review. We love working with you so your business can thrive. Legend!
Tradies get online, have helped my company grow to my expectation. My website has had a full upgrade and lots of useful information has been added. They are fast, responsive and detailed in all components they outline in their services. I plan to use again. They are excellent with a new start-up company. Thank for all the help.
Response from the owner: Hi Nathan! We loved working with your painting business. Thank you for the amazing review.
We've just moved our website over to Tradies Get Online after too many years sticking my head in the sand hoping our website would magically fix itself, or that the previous company would actually start doing what they were meant to.I contacted Steph at Tradies Get Online and after 1 call I knew they are who we needed. Steph and her team did not disappoint. Our website is now fixed and working as it should, and we have started getting enquires through it again.We look forward to many years working with the amazing team at Tradies Get Online, I'm just sorry I didn't make the switch long before now.
Response from the owner: I can not tell you how happy it makes the entire team to hear our somewhat 'simple' changes have ALREADY made an impressive impact and you're getting phone calls!!!Legends!!
Love working with Steph and the team at Tradies Get Online - their website design for tradies is high quality and I would recommend them to all tradesmen and builders.
Response from the owner: Thanks Craig. Legend.
Stephanie and her team the provide a great service! If you own a tradie business and struggle with online marketing let "Tradies get online" take away the stress for you, so you can concentrate on your trade.Mick from Lynton Electrical
Stephanie contacted me with very valuable knowledge her timing was perfect and put me on the right path to accelerate my trade. It made me take action today.Thank you Stephanie!
Hi Had Stephanie conduct a SEO review on my website. Her work was great and it helped me decide which way to go with my SEO campaign. I will be asking her to do a annual review from now on to check the company I am using. Great work Stephanie.
We have been working with Stephanie to bring our website up to date with the digital side of business.Myself and the team really do recommend Stephanie as she is a face to face business and works endlessly to create a platform based on your business. RD Electrotrade pty. ltd.

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