Your Website Should:

  • Easy for your customers to move around
  • Have the right pages so you can rank for them
  • Be mobile friendly
  • Have an SSL so you’re secure and safe

If you’re like most electricians web design isn’t something you want to spend much time on. Your focus is on running your business – that’s what you do best, and it’s how you earn a living. At the same time you can’t afford to ignore the internet. It’s now the most popular way for people to find a tradesman – flicking through the phone book is going out of style. To bring in new customers you need to have a presence online, because if prospective clients can’t find you they can’t hire you.

Anyone can put together a simple website with an email link and some graphics, but to make a great first impression you need a lot more than that. Web technology is advancing rapidly but the free tools available haven’t kept up very well. There are a lot of features you should have on your site that need specialist skills to create. How are potential customers going to get in touch with you, for example? It’s easy to get your phone number and email address online but a contact form looks a lot more professional. It’s the same with your address. It works, but a map widget makes it a lot easier for people to see exactly where you are.

Do you want the site to be for one way traffic only, or would you prefer to use its capabilities to bring in even more business? By using a web form you can automatically build lists of people who’ve shown an interest in your firm, and keep them informed by email about special deals and new services. You can follow up existing customers too, and keep them engaged with your business. When they need something else done are they going to look for a new electrician or go with the one they’re already in touch with?

You can pick up all the skills you need to design a great website for your electrical business, but to be honest you have better things to do. It isn’t your job – it’s ours. We’re experts in electricians’ web design, and we can build you an outstanding website while you get on with your real job. You’ll save time and get fantastic results, so you can concentrate on what your company is all about.