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Hey it’s Steph – and right here is where you’ll find all our public webinars. All in one place so you can binge away and change your businesses.

How to Attract Skilled Tradespeople using Facebook Ads, November 7, 2023

Stephanie sits down with Kirk of Tradies Success Academy and talks about how to attract new blood into your business via Social Media Campaigns.

Customer Service needs to be a focus for Trade Companies and their staff December 23, 2022

Stephanie sits down with Kirk from Tradies Success Academy and talks all things customer service, and how if you have a customer service program offline, we can turn it into an automated system online.

Marketing for Builders with BuildXact & Tradies Get Online October 6, 2020

Are you across the marketing basics for your building company? Take a look at this collaboration between BuildXact and Tradies Get Online and see which ones you’ve ticked off the list – and which ones still need some work.

5 Digital Marketing tips for Tradies | Advice2Go For Aussie Tradies August 12, 2020

I was recently asked to speak to the Invoice2Go community inside their amazing Facebook Community called Advice2go.

What I was tackling was the 5 easiest changes you can make which will help convert more customers.

Take a look at the video and make sure you grab the freebie. 

Why Your Website Isn’t Converting August 3, 2020

I was recently asked to speak to the Invoice2Go community inside their amazing Facebook Community called Advice2go.

What I was tackling was the old ‘converting’ chestnut. You see traffic is the most basic task any marketer can do to a trade businesses website.

The problem isn’t TRAFFIC. The problem is conversion.

But when you’re buying a digital marketing program – no one ever prescribes this to you – and you don’t know what marketing lingo you need in order to ask for it in a way that the bloody marketer understands.

John Dale & Stephanie Campanella talk Price Pressures. July 8, 2020

Covid19 has impacted Australians for over a quarter now and Jon is finding many of his clients are feeling the pressure of the pricing crunch. There’s no need to feel this. Infact if you are – it’s a sign your queue of new custoemrs isn’t building fast enogh and you feel the errie feeling of pressure from your prospects. The only pressure you should be feeling is whether you’ll be having a ham sandwich or a steak sadwich at the pub on a Friday when you take time to look back at your busienss and reflect on an awesome week with your amazing team.

Meet Jon from SmallFish Business Coaching November 12, 2019

Introducing Jon Dale from Smallfish Business Consulting.

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