Marketing for Builders with BuildXact & Tradies Get Online


Are you across the marketing basics for your building company? Take a look at this collaboration between BuildXact and Tradies Get Online and see which ones you’ve ticked off the list – and which ones still need some work.

Firstly – if you do good work – you deserve the best customers. So make sure you spend time marketing your building business so it can attract the right ones.

Slide 3

My first slide talks about the importance of having a responsive website. One that no matter what device someone is on – your website is slick and loads quickly. Don’t fall into that trap of buying a website for mobile and a website for ipad… and a website for PC’s believe me. I’ve heard some serious war stories.

Slide 4

Your homepage banner shouldn’t slide !!! Yeap – I hate Sliders. Choose one images and use this – it’ll create a brand imprint. Also if you’re going to use text – make it dot form – at this point someone is searching you out and discovering what you do, so make it quick and easy for them to understand what you do – and quickly.

Slide 5

I really wanted to showcase how quickly you can ask for someone to make a booking.

Slide 6

You should be booking a photographer every quarter to follow you and your team around. Those photos can be used to make forms less intrusive.

Slide 7

Make sure your number is click to call and at the top of the website 24/7

Slide 8

Make sure your calls to action are human – no one gets excited when they click a ‘submit’ button.

Slide 9

Never leave a customer hanging – make sure you have a Call To Action at the base of every page.

Slide 10

Don’t be afraid to ask for more. Include what you need to provide the very next steps.

Slide 11

This is our Apply Form. We add it to all our websites on the Xcelerate System as we need one place to capture and measure our lead generation.

Slide 12

Make sure your social media icons are at the base – not the top of the website.

Slide 13

Linkedin Is SO un-tapped. Get on it! Those high flying corporates are about to drop some cash on a builder – make sure it’s your company.

Slide 14

Make sure you setup Instagram correctly. Use my cheat sheet!

Slide 15

If you’re going to use Facebook – make sure you jump into those Community Groups – Facebook shares these over the news feed more than any other feature at this minute.

Slide 16/17/18/19

Setup Google My Business! It’s the best free tool on the planet.
We use a tool which connects your website with your listing so people can see the legit reviews in the flesh.

Slide 20

Make sure you customise your calls to action – here’s another example.

Slide 21

I can’t stress enough how important photos are. Push your developer to show off your work in a clean functional way.

Slide 22/23/24

If you want to rank for a service or location – you need a page on it.
The image in the centre of Slide 23 shows the difference between Adwords and SEO


FAQs- Listen to your customers – when they ask a question – add it to your FAQs page.

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