What Is Tradie Marketing?

What is the best marketing for trade based businesses, or as I like to say tradie marketing.

Let’s talk about the three systems you need to implement into your business to grow:

First, you need to post content that highlights your value-based services. You must also have a core offer that provides a solution to your client’s problems. Finally, the most important thing is your website. It’s the foundation to build every marketing strategy on.

Your visibility allows people to see you. Without visibility, Google can’t send you leads. You can do this through paid ads (Google ads, FB ads, etc.) and organic marketing (i.e. positioning yourself in the local search engine). All of these should lead them back to your website or foundation.

Use automations to drive the best customers to take action. This will make sales conversations easier – how? Automations build relationships. Remember that old saying ‘know, like, trust’.

If you can build in the looove and tender care into your foundations, your foundations will bare fruit.

Now before you go, ask yourself:

1. Do I have my foundations in place?
2. Do I have automations in place?
3. Am I actually visible online?

If you need more help, jump on a game plan call.