Win More Customers With Text Automations

If you’ve been using automations on your job management software like ServiceM8 or SimPro, then you know what a Godsend it is for reaching out to your leads as quickly as possible, while you still have their interest. But are you using the right automation for your business? 

The best automation that you should have in play is text automation, to send a text to the lead as soon as they’ve filled in your contact form. Automations to send a customer contact form from your website to your job management software are amazing, seriously necessary, and will cut down on your admin time so you can focus on other tasks, but when it comes to cutting out your competition and nurturing a lead into a client, text automations will take your business to the next level.

Why You Need Text Automation

Any form of automations will help you connect with a potential customer much faster than the typical admin process, where you’ll have to fish out your website’s contact form from a sea of other emails, on top of any other admin messages that your business needs to be aware of. With text automation, when the lead has filled out all their details on your ‘contact us’ form and has confirmed they are not a bot, they will immediately get a text message and you are both set up for a conversation in the next few minutes. 

This means the prospective client gets immediate feedback from their query, and knows they are wanted, that you are attentive to their needs, and have a high quality of customer service that may extend to your other service offers. With one text, you can build trust and interest in your company with barely any human effort. 

Cut Out The Competition

Possible clients are always looking to have a proper conversation about their needs. If somebody is looking for a tradesperson for their issues, a clogged drain pipe or a switchboard upgrade, they aren’t just going to click on the first website that takes their fancy. They’re looking around the internet for the best quality companies in their neighbourhood, so they can get at least three service quotes and have a conversation about their needs.

With text automations, you are cutting out the competition by immediately and directly getting in touch with a potential client when they want to have a conversation and are thinking about their services needs right then and there. By sending a personalised text using the details they’ve provided, like ‘Hello Alice, I hear you’re looking for air conditioning. This is John from Sydney Electrical, we’d love to help. We’re going to call you in the next 10 to 15 minutes’, you can shut down the customer from looking for anyone else and are primed to convert them into a client. 

Get In Touch!

Are you interested in automations for your business? Do you want to get better at nurturing your leads? Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help you set up the automation to make your business run like clockwork, without you having to lift a finger. 

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