Why Your Plumbing Business Needs a Website

Did you know that Australia has over 28 500 plumbing companies? You might think your plumbing business has the chops to get the job done, but notice that customers aren’t coming.

A well-designed and targeted plumbing website can have your services in high demand in no time. And if you already have an established plumbing business, a website can always help you generate more profit and increase your customer base. 

The Importance of a Website

It advertises your business

Between 70-80% of new customers do their research online. So, if you don’t have a website, it could mean losing out on a lot of sales. If you already have one, chances are it needs some work. A well-designed website should allow customers to see exactly how good your plumbing skills are and should result in a call or contact form for your services.

Our team of experts is ready to help you build a website that does just this! You’ll get a professional website that looks great and drives traffic to your site. 

SEO enhances search rankings

Search engine tactics will ensure that the right keywords are used to influence your Google search rankings. Select a website builder who knows the ins and outs of SEO optimisation and interlinking, and leave your competition biting in the dust with domain authority. 

It lets your customers do the work for you

About half of potential customers rely on online reviews. By adding customer reviews to your website, you can involve customers in the selling process as they can review your excellent services. 

Connects to the power of social media

To help further sales and reach, link your website to your top-performing social media sites. This will help with further advertising and also serves as a portal for customer communication and reviews. Social media is a great place for building brand loyalty. 

Generates business leads

Not all first-time visitors to your website will become instant customers. But you can capture their future interest through newsletter subscriptions or special offerings when visiting the website again. For example 10% sign-up discount, voucher codes, or membership benefits. 

Keeps customers engaged

Having relevant plumbing-related content is helpful. Articles or blogs on plumbing issues or helpful tips can go a long way to keep customers engaged and returning to your services. 

Ready To Get Your Website Started?

Your website sets first impressions online. Ensure that the design is eye-catching and the functionality is user-friendly.

There’s a certain structure that works for trades people. A service electrician will have a very different website to a home renovator. TradiesGo understands the type of website a tradie needs. We get you, and we’ll make it our mission to help you. Contact us here without delay. 

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