Why a Google Business Listing is Important for Tradies

Having a Google Business listing is essential for any tradie wanting to reach a wider audience and gain more business. It can help you stand out from your competitors and is an essential tool for local SEO.

What is a Google Business Listing?

A Google Business listing is an online listing for businesses which appears on Google search results. When a potential customer searches for a service or product that your business provides, your business will appear in the search results including details of your business such as the name, address and contact details.

Google’s goal is to give customers the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. By having an accurate and detailed listing, you’ll be giving customers a great overview of your business and helping them make an informed decision to choose your services.

Benefits to Tradies of Having a Google My Business Listing

Having a Google Business listing as a tradie is incredibly beneficial for your business.

Firstly, it’s free advertising – meaning there’s no cost to you!

A Google My Business listing is also great for local SEO (search engine optimisation). Google uses localised ranking algorithms which favours businesses that are close to the customer. Having a localised and optimised business listing will help ensure that your business appears high up in the search results when someone searches for a tradie in the area.

By including details of your business on your Google Business listing, potential customers can find out more about you and your services before they call you. Customers like to have all the available information before making a decision and having it readily available on your listing will help you stand out from other tradies in the area.

You’re also able to post pictures and videos about your business on your listing. This is a great way to show off your work and let potential customers get a better idea of your services. You can also link your website and social media pages to your listing, allowing customers to easily access more information about your services.

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Take Your Tradie Marketing to the Next Level

Having a Google My Business listing is an incredibly important step for tradies who want to reach new customers and grow their business. An optimised and localised listing is key for appearing at the top of the search ranks, drawing customers in and helping you stand out from other tradies in the area.

At TradiesGo, we understand the importance of having an optimised Google My Business listing for tradies and provide tradie SEO services so that you can rank higher on Google. Get started today.

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