What is Schema Data and Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

Developing and running a business in the digital age is more complex than ever before. With the constantly evolving technology, businesses have to stay on top of best SEO practices in order to remain competitive. One of the most important, no matter what size your business, is schema data.

What is Schema Data?

Schema data is a form of structured markup language used to improve the display of search engine results. It gives search engines more context on what the page is about by adding additional information to the HTML code. This helps search engines understand the content better and prioritise it accordingly. By making use of schema data, businesses can ensure their web pages appear prominently in search engine results, allowing them to gain more traffic and grow their customer base.

Benefits of Utilising Schema Data

The primary benefit of using schema data is that it increases visibility in search engine results. It provides detailed information about the page, such as title, description, and image, which helps search engines determine what the page is about and where it should appear in the rankings. Additionally, it makes the search results more eye-catching and appealing to users. This increases the likelihood of them clicking on the result and visiting the webpage.

Another benefit of schema data is that it can be used to add rich snippets to search results. Rich snippets are short pieces of text that describe the page’s content and provide additional information, such as author name, ratings, and reviews. This makes the search results more engaging and appealing, increasing the chances of users clicking through.

How to Implement Schema Data

There are many straightforward methods, the two most popular methods are Google’s Structured Data Markup Helper and manual implementation. 

The Structured Data Markup Helper can be used for websites with multiple pages and allows users to easily mark up content on the site. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to implement schema data and requires no coding knowledge.

For businesses that prefer to manually implement schema data, it is important to be aware of the different types of markup languages. HTML, Microdata, and RDFa are the three most common types and each requires different implementation methods. 

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