The Benefits of SEO for Landscapers in Australia

Spring is usually the time when Aussies awake from hibernation and venture into their gardens feeling inspired. Your landscaping business telephone is probably ringing off the hook during this time. But what about those colder months when business is spread thin? How can you generate enough leads to keep busy year-round?

SEO is an invaluable resource for any landscaping business. It can help increase visibility, drive web traffic, and generate more leads and business opportunities throughout the year. By employing SEO strategies, landscapers can make sure they are found easily online by potential customers searching for services they offer.

Additionally, SEO can help build an online presence, enhance brand awareness, create trust, and establish credibility. For example, when someone in your local area searches for landscaper, you want to be in the first couple of results, otherwise, no one will ever see your site.

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Your landscaping business can benefit in the following ways when you employ the right SEO tactics.

Increased Visibility

SEO can help landscapers to increase their visibility online, giving them more opportunities to reach potential customers in their local area. One way to do this is through Google Maps.

Google will pick up if someone searches for the keyword landscapers + the relevant city or suburb, driving all local companies into the search results and showing map listings accordingly.

You will need to submit your landscaping business information on Google My Business to be able to appear in Google maps. Unlike paid ads, the map listings are organic, meaning websites are placed according to Google’s search algorithm.

Targeted Audience

SEO can be used to target specific audiences in a given area in Australia, allowing landscapers to focus their marketing efforts on those who are most likely to be interested in their services.

Keywords are the most effective SEO tactic to reach a targeted audience. Some of the most popular landscaping keywords for example are landscaping, landscaper, garden landscaper, garden design and many more. Always couple this with your city or suburb to target local customers.

Cost Efficiency

SEO is a cost-effective way to market a landscaping business, as the costs associated with it are much lower than traditional advertising. SEO helps landscapers to organically drive traffic to their websites, giving them an edge against paid advertisement. This is very helpful when sales are low during quieter months as you can keep working on your SEO strategies to come up in search results.

Brand Awareness

SEO will help to build brand awareness for your landscaping business, allowing you to stand out from your competitors. Even if a potential customer does not immediately book your service, they are aware of your brand and might search for your business directly the next time they need a landscaping service.


Having a customer today is great, but having customers on a long-term basis is ideal for the continued success of your landscaping business. SEO can be used to create long-term visibility and growth, as it can continue to provide benefits over time.

Improved Engagement

SEO can also help to improve customer engagement, as it encourages people to learn more about a landscaping business and the services it offers.

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Tradies Go specialises in SEO marketing for landscapers in Australia. By incorporating the right SEO strategies, our team can get your landscaping website to the very top of search results for the services you want to offer. Get started today.

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