QR Code for Construction Sites

Are you a builder, a renovator or a knock down rebuild building company? Do you want more people who walk past your jobsite to connect with you instantly on their phone?

Then, listen up. First, let’s talk about the ‘WHY’. Why would you use a tool like this on your job site signage? Now, I mentioned builders because builders have the biggest job site signage. But electricians, plumbers, you guys could all use it, too. You can put a little QR code on your signage so that you can get people who are interested to scan the QR code and then go to a specific page.

You don’t want potential buyers just going to your home page. For example, if you’ve got a job site in Cremorne overlooking the water and you’re the builder for it, or you’re the electrician for it, then that little QR code can take the person to a page on your website that shows maybe the job specifications, some drawings of what you’re producing, maybe the materials, the Hampton style brick, and the Colorbond roof that you’re doing. If you’re an electrician, you might want to showcase the electrical design that you’re doing for this project.

Don’t just send them to your home page, a services page or a contact page. Show them what they’re looking at, show them how you’re going to make an impact on this project. You can easily do that by using a QR code.

To get started, simply Google QR Code Generator to create your own QR codes. You just follow the directions here into your website. Enter the URL, and then it’s going to basically produce a QR code for you, a little graphic. You print that baby out, and then you add that to your signage. You give that to your graphic designers or your signage people, and they print that little graphic up there for you. You can even add your logo here, so it’s a great idea.

If you’re a builder and you’ve got some site signage and you want to showcase a specific job, why are you doing it in the first place? Why are you sending people to your website? Why are you sending people to this QR code to do something? Well, don’t just do a QR code for the second QR code.

The QR code is a great marketing tool to send them to a specific page about that certain job site. Like I said, from a marketing perspective, you could show them the job and all the elements of the job (e.g. the bricks you’re going to use, the cladding, the roof, the landscaping, etc.). You can also show them what the value increase is going to be on the home. You can show them all the bits of bobs.

Finally, you can have a call to action on that page, which is really important. Have one on the top, have one at the bottom. That’s the whole reason why you’re putting the QR code there in the first place so that they can actually scan it, see it, go to your page and go, “Wow, this is the builder” or “This is the electrician for me. I’m going to connect with these guys.”

So that’s why you need to start using QR codes for your job sites and how to get people more engaged as they’re walking past to understand exactly what you do and how to work with you.

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