How To Sell More Homes Through Google Ads

As a builder your profession requires answering client phone calls and working out in the field. This leaves little time to focus on building your company’s online presence, let alone a paid search campaign. But Google is one of the first stops potential new homeowners visit, and if your homebuilding website doesn’t rank high, you are handing potential clients over to your competition.

When you’ve already got a lot on your plate, ineffective PPC strategies can cut down on your valuable time and hard-earned advertising budget. But by understanding the fundamentals of Google Ads, your home building business can gain a key competitive advantage. 

Win more leads and sell more homes with the power of Google Ads, by keeping the following in mind.

Target the Right Keywords

Keywords are your biggest asset to drive web traffic and generate leads, but the wrong strategy can easily be a money-sucking mistake. Always consider how keywords would be used by searchers. Solely targeting the keywords home builder in your area might not be enough to get the desired results. Consider targeting more keywords and using negative keywords to exclude those search terms from your campaign.

Geotargeting is Essential

To understand geotargeting one needs to understand how Google will deliver ads to your local homeowners. Searches can be based on the actual location the searcher enters, for example, a browser in Melbourne, VIC, will search for home builders in Melbourne VIC. Then, Google will generate a list of local home builders, based on their distance from Melbourne.

But, even when a searcher doesn’t specify the city, Google can still provide results for home builders in Melbourne, VIC! That’s right, Google takes the location of the searcher into account every single time.

That’s why geotargeting is a no-brainer. Geotargeting, or local PPC, lets you serve Google ads only to customers in a certain location, or a set of locations, that you specify, which means you won’t waste your advertising budget on wasted clicks from searchers outside your local target area. 

Be Consistent To Secure Conversions

If you are targeting the keywords Free Quotes Custom Home Builder Melbourne and the browser is directed to a page on your site that makes no mention of these, they will be left confused and might even leave the website to go on to the next builder’s site. Remember that searchers that land on your ad are specifically looking for that service, so ensure they can find it quickly and easily and be directed to the relevant landing page on your website that makes mention thereof. 

Also ensure your landing pages are well-crafted as this plays a key role in your website SEO, generating more organic traffic.

Tradies Go specialises in PPC and Google Ads for homebuilders. By incorporating Google Ads, our team can get your homebuilding website to the very top of search results. Get in touch today. 

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