Essential Content for Your Plumbing Website

In a plumbing emergency, people will most likely jump on their mobile phones and search for a plumber nearby. To ensure your plumbing website stands out above the crowd, there is specific content that can ensure your website ranks higher on Google, and therefore direct more traffic to your site. 

Content that is relevant and educational in this (plumbing) field, will result in higher lead generation and authority for your website. 

Let’s take a look at some key content elements to include in your plumbing website:

Key Elements of a Plumbing Website

A well-designed plumbing website should focus on the unique value your business offers, be clear about the work you do, make it easy for customers to contact you, clarify your brand identity and communicate your business story.

The Homepage

Also referred to as the main Landing Page. This is where you establish your brand identity and highlight the core services of your business. 

Here is an example: 

“Sawtell Bathrooms are your local experts for all plumbing in Coffs Harbour. We have over two decades of experience with all kinds of plumbing repairs, maintenance and installations. So, for instance, if you’re looking for fast action for blocked drains in Coffs Harbour, hot water systems, bathroom installations or renovations, gas repairs or installations,  or just a leaky tap, we are here to help.”

About Us 

This section is where you would zone in on your experience and expertise, and give some background on the business – how long have you been in operation, why did you start the business etc. If you are a family-run business make sure to mention it here. People like to know that they are supporting a local business in the community. 

Service Page

This is essentially the core of your business. Make sure potential clients can easily navigate to this page from your homepage. Your services should be clearly defined, easy to distinguish and should have a short, but accurate description of each. If you have a page for each service where you go more into depth; ensure to add a page link to that specific service on the service page. 

Blog Posts

Probably one of the most essential parts of your website is including a blog page. It is a great opportunity to showcase your passion for your business through “storytelling”, while powerful keywords, high quality images and videos will help with your SEO rankings. 

Studies further indicate that people tend to trust websites more that have a blog section. Ensure to keep your blog posts up to date and relevant, this shows your commitment to your business and educating your customers. 

Focus on plumbing-related topics. A potential client is on your website to find a particular plumbing issue. Make sure to write about topics people care about and will continue to have questions about.  Here are some examples of great plumbing-related topics to cover:

  • Why does my tap keep leaking?
  • How to unblock a drain
  • Why are my pipes making rattling noises?
  • Signs of a blocked drain

You can also write about events in your area or local plumbing-related issues to capture the attention of customers in the vicinity. 

Customer Testimonials

A review page is a great way to inspire confidence in potential customers. People trust word-of-mouth and powerful testimonials from previous customers can make a big difference in potential customers selecting your business above another. 

Contact Us

Make it easy for customers to contact you through various means of communication eg. email, phone or filling out a contact form with their details. 

If possible, include specific names or owner’s details – this creates a personalised experience and shows that the owners of the business are involved and accessible. 

Make sure the telephone number is clearly displayed so it is easy to find, and if you offer an emergency, 24/7 service, make sure that the contact number is clear, especially if different from the main contact number. 

Contact Tradies Go to Build Your Plumbing Website

You might want to consider hiring a designer or developer to build a professional plumbing website. 

We come from a family of tradies, so TradiesGo understands the type of website a plumber needs and have helped thousands of tradespeople to build successful websites that generate leads and communicate their brand story. Get in touch today.  

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