Don’t Google Yourself: How To Tell If Your Google Ads Are Live

So, your company has just launched Google ads, your website is online and you are ready and eager to rake in the leads and take your business to the next level. Yet, you can’t seem to find yourself online so now you’re constantly googling to find your business in the search engine every day after your website has just gone live. This is a bad idea, and can affect how your business is doing online. 

Here are some important things to keep in mind when dealing with adwords and looking yourself up online to see the results of your Google campaign. 

Why You Shouldn’t Google Yourself

Googling yourself repeatedly can negatively affect your search rankings in a major way. When your business shows up in Google search results, it’s called an impression. By searching for your business, you are creating impressions without engagement, meaning you don’t click on the link and spend time browsing your website. 

If you Google your website, or the keywords relevant to your website but don’t click on the site itself, google will assume that this search result is irrelevant to you and other users, and will show your website less in general. The same penalty will happen if you click on your website but quickly leave it, Google will again assume that the search was irrelevant to you and others, and will show your business to less people. To increase traffic, or help the algorithm understand that this was a relevant search result, a viewer has to show engagement with the website: They must spend more time looking at the page and have willingly clicked onto other tabs to look at other pages of the site. 

With a paid or sponsored Google ad, you will also be charging yourself for every time you click on your own link. 

Why You Can’t See Yourself On Google

Google search results are catered to your own algorithm and online profile. Search result pages are incredibly personalised and will be different for everyone online, based on their past searches, location, wifi network, device they’re using and interests. Your business is being seen by its prime demographic, and your personal profile may not match what that demographic is. 

Another reason you may not be seeing your business when you Google is because, based on your past activity or time spent on your website, Google may assume you are a competing business and will completely shut out your website from your search results. 

How To See Your Campaigns Results

If you have an active campaign with us, just ask! Call us, email us or just text and we’ll show you your results and any other search data you would like to request. You own your backend with Tradies Go, and it will always be at your disposal.

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