Better Clients More Often

Driving better clients more often, how does it work? This sprung to my mind when a client and I were working on a contact form. Prior to us being engaged, they were using your standard contact form. You know the usual: name, email, phone number, additional comments then you click ‘submit’.

So we want more engaged clients, we want clients who are ready to commit over those who are just looking for a quote. This is the thing that I always say, there are three kinds of clients:

1) Someone who’s just having a look browsing through your website

2) Someone who’s almost ready to engage

3) Someone who’s ready to commit to you right now

While the goal is to make sure your content attracts all three types of buyers, we want more of those who are ready to buy from you! This is exactly the kind of client that you want to catch online because they’re going to buy in an instant, and you want to make sure that in this instance, it’s YOU!

You need to learn two important things if you want to attract better clients for your business:

  1. You need to prepare better questions.

    The best way to do this is to build a form that asks more questions because it solidifies the fact that they are ready to answer your questions. If they weren’t absolutely ready, they would not be interested in answering a whole bunch of other questions. They would just be picking up a freebie or something else that is on your website.

    So we like to add an application form which asks a set of relevant questions that are important for the builder, landscaper or plumber. It prequalifies the client. This form can ask questions such as: Have you got an address where you’re building? Have you got your plans yet? Are you through council? Or are you still sculpting it with an architect?

    Instead of having all these questions asked on the phone, you can get all their answers straight away. Eventually, when you do get that customer on the phone, you can ask better questions. So it turns more into a sales conversation rather than a digging around discovery chat.

  2. Your contact form must be connected to your nurturing sequence.

    You can easily create your own contact form with online applications like Jotform. It’s basically a standalone form that you can build yourself and then embed into your website. However, you can also use a contact form inside your website and connect it with Active Campaign. In this way, you can get some engagement and nurturing going and the person can be automatically followed up instead of just a Jotform that takes their information.

So if you want more engaged, ready clients, present them with better questions. Put those questions in your contact form and make sure that your contact form is connected to a nurturing sequence.

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