7 Ways To Increase Sales Using SEO

In recent years, the tradies industry has undergone a transformation to cater to the rising popularity of the internet. Tradie businesses have been forced to go digital and launch their own websites to keep up with their target market’s demands.

As a tradies business owner, you might have thought about various ways to increase your business by offering various promotions or free consultations to entice customers to select your service above others. But if you are looking to increase your sales you should seriously consider digital marketing segmentation by following these SEO strategies to boost your company’s revenue. 

Keywords Are Key

Keywords should be the cornerstone of your SEO strategy. Without keywords, your prospective customers won’t be able to find content online related to your business. So for instance, if you are a residential electrician based in Sydney, an obvious keyword you would like to rank for would be residential electrician Sydney. 

But there are other keywords and phrases that customers will search for to locate a service and through careful marketing strategies, it is up to you to determine what they are and to incorporate them in your website content, URLs, page headings, and image descriptions. 

Use Social Media To Your Advantage

Social media is one of the most effective ways to grow your audience and reach potential customers. In fact, nearly 80% of people turn to Facebook to discover new things, and according to research, 93% of marketers say that social media is important for building brand awareness. This makes it a powerful channel for reaching out to prospective clients, providing useful information about your products and services, and engaging with current customers.

Be Local, Be Mobile

Two important developments that have arisen in SEO best practices are a strong focus on being mobile-friendly and having local content, as they go hand in hand. As consumers increasingly make use of mobile devices to search for a business close by that can fulfil their needs, local SEO is becoming increasingly popular. Focus on local keywords and ensure your digital presence is mobile-friendly.

An Integrated Strategy Will Keep You On Track

When you’re looking to boost sales with SEO, it can’t be anything less than a comprehensive approach. This includes everything from keyword research to link building, social media marketing, and much more.

To make sure you’re doing everything possible to improve your search rankings, you’ll need to integrate all aspects of SEO into one cohesive plan. Having a team in place that is familiar with SEO best practices and aligns your company goals with a long-term SEO strategy is paramount to the success of your online presence and increasing sales. 

The Importance of Long-tail Keywords

More than half of all search traffic comes from long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are those that aren’t commonly searched but tend to generate high conversion rates. They include specific phrases.

Long-tail keywords require less effort to rank for because there isn’t as much competition, making them ideal for building out a strong keyword list. You should also use long-tail keywords in your content creation process, this way, you’ll be able to build up a large number of relevant, quality backlinks.

Be Where Your Buyers Are

If you’ve been doing SEO well, you know that there are many ways to reach people online. You might be surprised how much traffic you can generate without spending a dime. There are plenty of places where potential customers hang out – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, forums, blogs, and more. And even if they aren’t actively looking for your service, chances are they will at some point.

So make sure you’re everywhere your customers are. You never know when someone will stumble upon your business, product, or service.

Optimising Website images

Photos are one of the key elements of your website. Adding high-quality images can boost your conversion rates. They also allow potential customers to see exactly what you do and ensure it fits their needs.

Following the strategies discussed above will make you more visible to your target audience and provide your customers with better user experiences. If you are successful, you will see growth in your customer base and an increase in your sales.

The trades industry is a highly competitive field that can be hard to succeed in, especially if you have just started out. Luckily, you can rely on Tradies Go cutting-edge SEO strategies to help you have a chance to compete with other companies. Get in touch here. 

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