You’re Hired! 7 Traits to Look For In a Business Catalyst Developer

It’s getting increasingly difficult to choose the right web developers these days, not because they are difficult to find, but because there are too many. In the US, the web design service industry is worth $20.1 billion and counting. That’s just one country; think what it will be worth on a global scale! The profitability of this service industry means more and more developers are becoming a part of the already saturated web developers’ market.

A tradies business like yours that wants to work with only the best developers has its work cut out. The number of choices is enough to overwhelm you. But you still need to take the right decision regarding the web developer who you think is the best suited to work on your website requirements.

Does the number of choices go down if you are looking for developers with experience in a particular technology? Is it easier to choose a specialist in a particular technology than a “jack-of-all-trades” web developer?

Not quite.

For e.g. if you are looking for a Business Catalyst developer to work on your project, you’ll need to work with somebody who has loads of experience in using this comprehensive business website and online marketing solution. You can’t just pick the first developer you come across.

You need to look for specific traits in the developer that tell you without any doubts whatsoever that hiring the person/s will be a good decision. Yes, Business Catalyst developers must know their way around Adobe® Business Catalyst, but that’s just one of the many aspects you must consider before actually hiring them.

Let’s take a look 7 stand out traits that you must look for in these developers:

  1. Deep Knowledge of Commonly Used Web Design Technologies
  2. A good Business Catalyst developer also has hands-on knowledge of the most popularly used web design software/platforms. This means the person has a 360° degree understanding of website building and knows what works and what doesn’t. This knowledge is then put to work while creating your website with the help of Business Catalyst.

    Such developers don’t take a wrong step when choosing the right features for your site and ensure website development that packs a punch.

  3. Curiosity
  4. The best developers are curious. They push the envelope. Curiosity is the basis of creativity.

    If developers are not very curious about the technology they are using, there is a very good chance that they won’t be able to optimize the use of this technology. Technology is essentially a set of tools, procedures, arrangements, and rules that makes our job simpler. It is our ‘exploration’ of technology that allows us to realize and appreciate its potential. This is where curiosity comes into play. If you aren’t curious, you won’t explore, which means you can’t experience the optimum benefit of technology. This is why you need to hire a developer who is extremely curious about the working of Adobe® Business Catalyst.

  5. Passion for Development
  6. How do you evaluate a person’s passion for web development?

    Notice the way the person talks about development. If you find the person is enthusiastic about the subject and offers new ideas with respect to project development and also suggests improvements to your project brief, without you asking for it, you know the person has a rare passion for development. For them, a web development project isn’t a 9 to 5 job but something that they love doing. Look for this trait in your Business Catalyst developer. This person needs to have an insatiable appetite for using this platform to create break through websites.

  7. Transparent
  8. He tells you like it is. He doesn’t keep anything from you. But what is more important is that he doesn’t promise you the moon. Absolute transparency is a trait that you must definitely look for in a developer. Such developers lay it out in very clear terms what can be done and what can’t be done. Even the best technology has its limitations, and a developer needs to inform a client about them.

    As a business, you must have heard really good things about Adobe® Business Catalyst, and there is absolutely no doubt that this advanced integrated framework helps build powerful websites. But it’s a developer’s job to tell you about the tangible benefits it brings to the table. At times, you might find there is a bit of difference between the returns you expected a particular technology to deliver and what it is actually capable of delivering.

  9. Skill Sets that are in a State of Flux
  10. Web development is in a constant state of flux; it is growing all the time. What it is also doing is changing rapidly. Old technologies are being replaced by new; older versions of a popular technology are being replaced by newer versions and so on and so forth. Technology is never stagnant. The best developers take a cue from this scenario and ensure their skill sets are in a constant state of flux as well; they are continuously learning and re-learning, keeping track of the latest happenings in their niche and updating their skill-sets for client benefit.

    Pick a developer who doesn’t stake claim to be an expert.

    Remember, it’s only a developer really very confident about his existing skill-sets and who understands that a developer needs to gain new skill sets all the time in order to stay relevant who will tell you that he/she isn’t an expert but is learning constantly.

    That’s the kind of person you must choose to hire, irrespective of the fact whether you want to hire an Adobe® Business Catalyst developer or somebody else.

  11. Plans Ahead
  12. Work with a developer who has the ability to plan ahead and put this planning into practice.

    As a business owner, you are concerned about the ability of your online presence to cater to your current needs, as well as, the demands of the future; but you are thinking purely from a business perspective. It’s the developer’s job to look at your needs and requirements from a technical prism. He needs to future proof a website from the technical standpoint to ensure your web property is scalable and will be able to meet your growing needs.

  13. Information Seeker
  14. When you go looking for an Adobe® Business Catalyst developer, hire somebody whose questions seek to flesh out your project brief. The developer mustn’t be satisfied with an overview of your project, but must make an effort to gather a deeper understanding of your project and all that it stands for. When the developer is done asking questions, you should have this feeling that he understands your project better than you do.

If you notice these 7 traits in your Business Catalyst developer don’t wait, just hire that developer. Not doing so, will be a really bad idea.

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