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WordPress Websites for Tradies!

As someone in the trade industry, you might not have the time or inclination to build a website. However, failing to be online can make it hard for you to compete with your competition. The truth is, everyone is getting online nowadays to look for plumbers, electricians and all types of contractors. If you have a website, you’re sure to bring in more business. This is why we offer WordPress websites for tradies just like you.

Why Use WordPress

This popular platform is a great choice for all types of websites. No matter what trade you might specialise in, a WordPress website is sure to work perfectly for your needs.

The Main Benefits of a WordPress Website

WordPress is a popular choice for many website and business owners for many reasons. First of all, it can be fully customised to suit your needs with various techniques. There are also a variety of plug-ins available for WordPress that are useful for all sorts of things, such as encouraging your viewers to share your content and information on their social media pages.

Plus, your WordPress website will be mobile friendly as we practice “Responsive Website Design”.

Our policy is that you’re a tradie, not a web developer, and you shouldn’t have to be one, either. At $125a month, we will host your WordPress website securely on an Australian database.

Plus, we will do up to three hours’ worth of updates per month to your site, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. All you have to do is send us the latest photos from your jobs via your iPhone or through email, and we’ll add them to your website. It’s just that easy for you to get your business on the web.

Get Started Today

It’s not easy on your own. You have your business to run. Imagine if there was a process so everything could be performed for you. This is the beginning of the new YOU.

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