What’s the best Website Structure for a Tradie or Builder

Hi, crew. Steph here, and there’s one thing I know. Most tradies and builders don’t actually have their websites set up, and I’m going to give you some quick tips right now so that you can just go ahead and do it.

So, most tradies and builders, when they come to us, they have the stock standard website, the homepage, the services page, the about page, the contact page. That really doesn’t get you anywhere, and I’ll tell you why. Google is a referrer. Now, I’m sure you know word of mouth. Google is the best word of mouth referrer in all the planet, so what we want to do is grow trust with Google. Now, when Google trusts us, they send their friends or the people that are searching and using Google to a website.

Now, in order to grow trust with Google, we need a fast site. I mean, it’s got to load properly. It’s got to load in three seconds basically. It’s got to be mobile friendly. I mean, there’s all these tech things, right, that you might not be able to control. What you can control is your content. Google is looking to connect its users with really good content on your website. So, if you’ve got a website that’s got the homepage, the contact page, the about page, and the services page, I want you to take your best service and the suburb, and I want you to write about it.

So, if you’re an electrician, I want you to write about commercial electrical work in a location that’s where you desirably would like to work. If you’re a builder, I’d love for you to write a page on kitchen renovations. Again, mentioned the suburb in which you would like to desire, you have the desire to work.

What happens is that when you’ve got a service page and it’s got, “This is what we do. Kitchen renovations. We do back extensions. We do pool. We do bathroom,” if all these are listed on your services page, Google … They don’t really say much when I just read that list, and it looks like every other builder’s website in the area.

When you have a page that’s the kitchen renovations page, and it’s based in a certain location, on the other end, there’s someone going for kitchen renovations, I don’t know, Sydney, let’s say. Now, if you’ve got a page on kitchen renovation Sydney and it’s got beautiful imagery, it’s got a good amount of text, it’s got a paragraph, some bullet points, the paragraph, maybe your videos, a few photos, that is the start of a really good webpage. Now, Google comes and looks at that page, and it rates it, and it goes, “Oh wow. That page is really just about kitchen renovation Sydney. So, when someone’s searching for kitchen renovation Sydney, I should send them there.”

Okay. Look at your content on your website and consider, are your core services and your core locations on their own page in Google? If they’re not, you know what to do. All right, go get them.

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