What is Google Guaranteed?

What is Google Guaranteed?

Have you heard about Google Guaranteed and want your trades or service business to get the magic green tick?

Google Guaranteed is a feature of Google’s Local Services Ads (LSA), a service that is rolling out in Australia soon. Local Services Ads are aimed at raising the profile of small local businesses, including trades and service businesses like locksmiths, painters and plumbers. Evidence from the US indicates that the Google Guaranteed green tick could help you stand out from your competitors and lead to more enquiries – based on the fact you have been screened by the Big G (Google).

Let’s dig down into the nitty gritty and find out more.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is a green tick badge which shows on your Local Services Ad (see above).

In Google’s words, ‘The Google Guarantee helps you build a strong reputation online, giving potential customers peace of mind that you have been vetted and approved by Google’.

The idea is that customers browsing for a local service or trades business are more likely to click on an ad with the Google Guarantee tick, because you have been verified and screened by them. This will help give legitimacy to your business and boost trust in the eyes of a customer.

In the US and Europe (where LSA are already live) Google has gone a step further and is also insuring the service a customer books via one of these ads. This means a customer can claim – up to US$2,000 from Google – if they are dissatisfied with their experience.

Is Google Guaranteed available in Australia?

Google’s Local Services Ads and Google Guaranteed are currently not available in Australia, but are likely to soon.

When they do roll out you will have to create an Local Services Ad account and be verified to get the magic green tick. Like Google’s current Ads you then pay every time someone clicks on the ad – otherwise known as ppc or pay-per-click advertising.

Can tradies get a Google Guaranteed tick?

Yes, when it is rolled out to Australia most small service businesses – like tradies and locksmiths – will be able to apply to get the Google Guarantee certification. To get the magic green tick and be featured as a Google Guaranteed business you will need to:

  • Pass a Google screening and qualification check process when you sign up for Local Services Ads
  • Provide info about your business like your licence (if applicable) and insurance
  • Have a (free) Google My Business Account
  • Have positive reviews on your Google My Business profile
How do Local Services Ads work?

Your LSA will appear on a Google search when local customers search for your service in their local area.

You set your budget based on the number of leads you want. The exact cost of your ad is determined by your location, industry, and how many competitors there are running similar ads. You can control your monthly spend by setting a budget, so your ads will run until this reaches its limit.

Your ranking and likelihood of appearing in a search for your service depends on:

  • How close you are to a customers’ location
  • Your Google review score and the number of reviews you have
  • How responsive you are to customer inquiries and requests
  • Your business hours
  • Your businesses reputation

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