Websites for electricians

Have you seen websites for electricians and wondered if you need one yourself? Getting your business online can seem like a lot of trouble and you might not be convinced it’s worth it, but take it from us – it is. Setting up a website is easier than you probably think and it opens up a load of new possibilities for you. Getting a business online isn’t a luxury now – it’s fast becoming essential.

The best reason for getting a business website is the customers it can bring in. A few years ago, when someone needed an electrician they’d look for one in the phone book. When was the last time you did that yourself, though? Most likely you do what everyone else does – get online and go to Google. That’s how people find the services they’re after now. Of course they’re not going to find you unless you’re there to be found, which is where a website comes in. A lot of small businesses and sole traders still think websites are for big companies that can afford an IT department to deal with them, but that’s a mistake. If you don’t get a website you’re surrendering a huge chunk of the potential market. You can still bring in a good deal of trade through existing customers, word of mouth and local ads, but the bulk of new business comes from web searches and you can’t afford to miss it.

If your business is in the Yellow Pages – or even the local phone book – your name will be on the list when someone searches for electricians in your area. It’s probably going to be pretty far down the list though. There also won’t be a lot of detail about you and what you can do –a generic entry with your name, address and phone number. It’s better than nothing – just – but that’s not what people are after when they search online. If you set up a website you can give them a lot more – info about yourself and the services you offer, quotes from satisfied customers, details of your certification and plenty other stuff. It’s not difficult or expensive either. In fact starting a website is one of the simplest and most cost effective things you can do to attract new clients.

What’s the best way to get an electrician’s business online? Talk to us at Tradies Get Online. We’re a north Sydney based company which specialises in creating websites for tradesmen, and we make it really easy for you to create a site. We use Business Catalyst to build all our websites, so the results are always both professional looking and easy to manage. All you need to do is give us your logo and the content you want to upload, choose a template and we do the rest. We also give you a set of simple tools to let you manage your site. You’ll be able to track how many visitors you get and where they’re from, upload new content and plenty more. People in your area are online right now and some of them are looking for an electrician. We want you to be the one they choose, so we’ll help you get online now.

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