Understanding Google’s Algorithm

The most intimidating part of SEO is the seeming mystery. There are so many strategies and components, and it can often be impossible to know which aspects of the process to prioritise.

That is why we broke down and ranked the 9 most important criteria that Google uses to arrange your tradie website in its search results.

So starting with the most important factor:

1. Domain-level Link Features

This is a combined ranking of your website’s reputation, which takes into account your linking quality, domain trust, and PageRank.

2. Page-Level Link Features

This is the same thing as number one, except at the level of a specific page as opposed to the website as a whole.

3. Page-Level Keywords and Content

A measurement merely taking into account how accurately the content and keywords on your page match the user’s search terms.

4. Web design

Using automated bots, Google can actually judge the overall quality of a web page, looking at things like text placement, loading speed, and ad density.

5. Engagement

This is a metric of the way users interact with your site and, therefore, how useful it is to them. So this takes into account factors such as length of click (how long a user stays on your website), overall traffic, and from where that traffic comes.

6. Domain-Level Brand Metrics

How often your company’s name is coming up in the press and around the internet.

7. Domain-Level Keywords

This is looking at common themes of your website’s content and keywords, then comparing those themes to the user’s query.

8. Domain-Level Design

This is an attempt to measure the attractive features of your website from the domain level; so it takes into account URL length, overall popularity, and whether or not the connection is secure.

9. Page-Level Social Metrics

This takes into account how often your page is being shared or liked on social media.

Now, with a more complete understanding, you can enter the world of SEO without fear! However, there is no better way to guarantee your website’s triumph than by hiring an expert.

That is why we are masters at building custom websites tailored for your business’s online success. So when you are ready to take your online presence to the next level, contact us.

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