Sydney Build Expo 2024

Tradies Go was invited to the Sydney Build Expo 2024 so our esteemed director, Stephanie, could speak about her marketing expertise and how to build a powerful construction marketing plan. Here’s an overview of what our founder has to say to hundreds of tradies looking to get their business online, and why you don’t want to miss out on this presentation! 

Building A Powerful Construction and Marketing Plan

Tradies Go has over 13 years of experience helping tradies create a powerful marketing plan that gets them more leads and more clients. Coming to the 2024 Sydney Builders Expo presentation will teach you key points about how to identify your target audience, how to find more leads, how to nurture a potential client into a guaranteed one and what your website needs to have in it to be treated as a quality product. 

Marketing Plan Mastery: 

A good marketing plan means you can get ahead of your competition and gain more clients and leads. Having a good marketing plan means:

  • Keywords Will Get You Ahead: You can get ahead of your competition by finding the google keywords they are not using, so clients will find you before them. 
  • Your Message Will Reach Your Clients: The right marketing messaging sent at the right time will reach the right audience, and will build a rapport with the customers you want. 
  • Your Campaign Can Run Itself: A good marketing campaign is a repeatable one. Set it up once, make sure it’s been made to perfection and has everything you need, then repeat the process on a bigger and bigger scale. 


Tactically, your marketing plan should be broken down into four quarters per year. This lets a business adjust advertising budget by time period, such as reducing your budget during the Christmas period when people may be online or seeing your campaigns less, and be mindful of events and important days for your marketing. What emails are you sending to your past and present clients? Using a special day as an excuse to catch up, like sending emails on Anzac Day or Mothers Day can be used to keep to a consistent schedule and make your messages more likely to be read. Examining your plan for each quarter can also help you break down events and awards you want to participate in. 

With any marketing plan, the most important part of how many leads are being generated. Where have the most leads come from, and during which quarter? Do your ads or blog posts on social media see more potential clients reaching out to you? Or did you notice an upturn after more SEO blogs? Focus on perfecting what has been most effective for you. 

What your Website Needs:

Google likes a website that is clearly communicated and shows signs of quality work and happy customers. Outside of Google, you will also need to appeal to customers and give them plenty of chances to find and use your services. A well made website clearly shows what services the business has, what the brands’ tone and voice is, a happy team, and reviews from satisfied customers, so your prospective clients know they’re in good hands. 


When a lead sends a form from your website or wants to know more about your services, those first two weeks are your most important chance to nurture them into a long-term client. If a business does not react in time, a lead may turn to someone else and cost you a vital customer. 

When a lead comes in, a business should send emails or texts to them as soon as possible. At this stage, it’s a good idea to let the internet do the talking for you. Typically, leads and forms have to be found and seen by an admin before any reply can even be written and sent. By using automation services on the most common job management softwares, like ServiceM8, the entire process can be seriously sped up and potential clients can be hooked in the same day they reach out. 


A good dashboard is a vital part of seeing your general battle plan for your marketing campaign, and a way to make sure no possible benefits or faults can sneak up on you. You must build a dashboard that lets you see details like what leads you have, which leads have closed, where did they come from, and is the business trending up or going down. Good analytics and clarity will help you boost your business and marketing campaigns exponentially. 

What We Can Do For You:

  • Website Development: Tradies Go will use our 13 years of experience in marketing for Traides to build a website that is just right for your business. 
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):  We’ll find and use keywords and phrases on your website and blog posts to make your business flourish on Google searches. 
  • Google Ads Management: You’ll have to buy certain words on Google in order to get ahead of the competition. Tradies Go will help you find and purchase the best, most cost-effective words for your trade. 
  • Social Media Management: We’ll help you create organic social media campaigns that are consistent and accurate to your brand’s tone. 
  • Meta Advertising Management: Tradies go will help you create an Instagram and Facebook campaign to increase traffic and find leads. 
  • Website Content Plans: For the best search results, a long term plan works the best. We’ll work with you to make a content plan covering blogs, pages for specific services and making new ad campaigns. 
  • Website Hosting: Hosting a link to your website on another site can seriously increase traffic and get Google to notice your company. We’ll help you find the right sites for the best prices. 
  • CRM Automations: With our help, you can automate your customer relations tasks and other daily chores to cut down on admin time. 
  • Job Management Automations (Fergus, simPRO, ServiceM8): Tradies Go can automate your job management software, like ServiceM8, so clients can reach you and you can reply to clients quicker and more efficiently. 
  • Email Marketing: With our services, you can reach out to old and new clients with a perfect email marketing campaign. 

Print Collateral (Business cards, flyers, Company Capability Statement): We’ll design and print the physical media your business needs, like business cards or flyers.

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