Sustainable Blog Strategies for Tradies

Blogs are useful for achieving many goals, such as building authority and connecting with audiences. Blogs help businesses have better visibility which in-turn attracts new visitors. Tradies can create blogs to convey their knowledge and interests in a way that is relatable. Through blogging, tradies can even grow their customer base.

Blogging is an investment in your trade business, customers, and website visitors. Creating social media updates and blog posts takes time. Often, tradespeople just don’t have the time to do it. Let’s take a look at ways to approach blogging for tradies:

Managing Priorities and Time
It’s probably not realistic to write your own tradesperson blog frequently, such as multiple times per week. Partner with a Tradies Get Online an online marketing company, or hire freelance writers to write blog articles, and help with creating social media posts. Your website will have more of a chance to expand and gain traction with someone looking after it.

By outsourcing the work of blog writing, you are able to more effectively lead your company, and you are growing your business blog. Research platforms, marketing agencies, or freelancers who are capable of writing insightful blog posts for your site. You may want to write some of your own blog posts, and have a ghostwriter or editor help out with some of the posts.

Blogging helps businesses become more visible online and attract website visitors. Blogs often provide SEO benefits and convert to sales. A lot of success with blogging depends on how business owners approach their marketing plans and strategies.

Focus on a Blog Post Schedule
Consistency is crucial to developing a specific online presence and achieving a strong ROI (Return on Investment). Share posts, encourage your audience to stay engaged, and make sure people are aware that your business is on multiple social media channels. Make sure your blog works well with the goals of your business. Keep developing your marketing approach and find what works best for you.

Browse through our blog posts about marketing strategies, approaches to websites development, and all the aspects of marketing for tradespeople. We’re here for you as you effectively delegate, manage, and lead your business in 2016. For more information about website development for tradies in Australia, contact us.

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