Six Tradie SEO Tips On How To Find And Keep Customers

Customers find tradies through search engines, and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is how tradies can ensure they are found by visitors. Here are a few tips on how to make that happen, and turning visitors into customers.

1) Proper Tradie Keywords

Often, when people need a tradie, they need them yesterday. Many simply Google “(tradie type) near me”, or “(tradie type) in (neighbourhood)”. EX: “plumber in Balmain”. You should include the keywords in the URL as well as in the title and in the body itself.  You should NOT, however, create multiple pages for different neighbourhoods as it will result in Google search penalties.

2) Build online and off-line relationships with other tradies in the neighbourhood

Tradies in the same neighbourhood, but not direct competitors (carpenters and plumbers, for example) can refer customers to each other, both online and off-line. Online links to each other’s websites enhance SEO for both websites.

3) Join online directories, but only if they actually help you

Online business directories can be expensive if you have to pay for per zip code listing. But with the right audience and number of referrals, it can be worthwhile. Be certain they will link to your website which helps your SEO, and triple check the listing info (name, address, and phone number) is accurate long with services offered and neighbourhood covered.

Now that you have visitors to your website, how do you turn them into actual customers? Here are three more tips to help.

4) Insurance and License

One of the biggest fears of anyone hiring a tradie is the tradie will run off with the money or do a bad job. Therefore, consider displaying your professional license and proof of insurance first, but probably very low-resolution version online. You don’t want scammers using those and pose as your company.

5) Photos of Past Projects and More

Customers hiring a tradie wanted to know you will do a good job and photos of past projects (with permission of the customer) will do that. Before and after photos, as well as photos of construction in progress (with your tradies identifiable in the photo) are critical. Customer testimonials and your comments are even better. With neighbourhood names and work done, they are also excellent SEO magnets.

6) Your own Blog

You should blog on your own website. Yes, even once a month will do, but once a week is better. Write about things that your customers would care about in your trade, fun anecdotes, or even just life in general as a tradie. Furthermore, an updated blog means a fresh website, which helps SEO as well.

Tradie SEO is not hard, but requires commitment. Contact us today for more ideas on marketing your tradie business. We also invite you to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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