SEO: Writing Keywords For Your Clients

Digital marketing has become the dominant force for cost-effective advertising and promotion of your brand online, and your business needs to explore the many ways that a good digital strategy can help you move forward, but you already know this. You’re very likely also learning that when it comes to marketing your products and services, content is king. Creating high quality content online takes a measured and thoughtful approach, so make sure you know how you are crafting your keywords. This article will help you to get started, read on….

Think Like A Customer, Not A Boss
You need to get all the way inside of your customer’s head when creating a good keyword strategy, and it will require some research. Having great products and services that only you understand how to market does no one any good. Thankfully, there are a ton of tools online that allow you to do things like research how website visitors are reaching your competitors’ sites, and you can see valuable information like the exact keywords they are searching for, and when and where they’re doing it from. Taking small steps to understand your potential customers’ online behaviors will allow you to think more like them, and cater your content to their needs.

I’m Different
Being different from your competitors is obviously what you desire; if you have no unique selling proposition, your business is dead in the water, but the words you chose to represent your uniqueness are the most important things you can create from a keyword perspective. You must find ways to include the keywords that your customers are searching for within your copy, while selling the benefits of your brand specifically.

Speaking Of Specificity
You’ll also want to create highly targeted keywords that work to convert your prospects into live sales leads, and this means that you have to understand how you can use words to describe your business offerings in a way that is actually beneficial to your visitors. If you sell “the best golf balls” for instance, but your customers are searching for “the best golf balls in the world”, you’ll want to make sure you find unique ways to craft copy that lets people know you have the best golf balls, in the world, obviously.

Scratching The Surface
We’ve only begun to scratch the surface within this article, and hopefully you are beginning to think about ways you can better utilize keywords to reach your target audience. Of course, we’re here to help you along, so contact us when you’re ready to talk.

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