Does your website provide you with a downpour of leads?

Our Tradie Xcelerate System™ is a digital marketing system designed to attract a flood of new customers.

Our 9 step action plan covers everything your brand needs online so it can attract more sales and revenue into your business.

Due to the nature of our work, we only work with 3 of any trade in any major suburb. We also have a strict application process, please start here to see if our businesses can work together.

You’re a busy tradesmen, not an internet marketing guru.
But Google has qualified enquiries (every day, every second 40,000 people are hunting for someone like you). These enquiries will scale your business.

The question is: How much longer will you put up with a website that doesn’t do the heavy lifting and actually generate sales and revenue?

Does this sound familiar?
Tradie Xcelerate System™ can fix it.

“I want my website to generate work for my business”.
“I want to grow my business using the latest digital tools and trends”.
“I believe if my website was focused and had the right messaging I would convert more enquiries”.
“I want to send enquiries a response immediately to build rapport – and it needs to be automated”.
“I no longer only want Word of Mouth to be a marketing stream for my business”.
“I am lost in this digital marketing world”.
“I want my marketer to actually speak to me – not just send me reports.”

Or – do you suffer from the MOST familiar story?

I have no idea what my current team are doing – if anything at all…… OUCH!

Every day, every second, 40,000 people are hunting for someone like you

Robert Martin

Rob Martin Electrical

Hi Had Stephanie conduct a SEO review on my website. Her work was great and it helped me decide which way to go with my SEO campaign. I will be asking her to do a annual review from now on to check the company I am using. Great work Stephanie.

Ben Nazem

Quality Building Inspection

Working with Stephanie was challenging, fun and her professionalism was evident in her attention to detail and in a way she translated ideas to reality. She spends as much time as is needed to find out about your business, and your target market before she starts designing what you want. That’s why she can turn any website into a lucrative online business. I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who wants the most for their business and wants to be noticed online.Thanks Stephanie for all your help and valuable advise.


Palm Pools and Spas

Just a short note to thank you for our marketing. Everyone that has seen our website has commented on how nice it looks and the attention to detail. The personalised service that you provided confirmed our decision to have you manage our online presence. We now dominate Castle Hill! I would have no hesitation in recommending your services to anyone i know. Thanks again.

About Stephanie

Steph wanted to combine her web & marketing skills and thorough knowledge of the building and trade services industries.

Having been the daughter of a builder she fully appreciated the demands, challenges and opportunities of trade businesses.

From the early age of 12, she worked in the family building and construction business. Stephanie Campanella fully appreciates how a trade business works and the level of marketing assistance they need to succeed online.

If there is one thing I know about tradies and marketing, it’s that the enquiries can rain down on your business – you just need the systems and processes in place so you can collect them and convert them.

Each year I work with a limited number of tradies who are ready to stop being at the mercy of the market and start acting like the CEO of their business.

Tradie Xcelerate System™ is right for you if:

  • You want your business to dominate and grow.
  • You want someone to take over your online marketing for you so you can manage the business.
  • You want to grow your business using LONG TERM TACTICS – not short term wins.
  • You BELIEVE you have what it takes to deliver the best services to your local community.

Please DO NOT APPLY if:

  • You refuse to admit you don’t know everything.
  • You jump from Shiny Object To Shiny Object
  • You like playing it small and staying comfortable.

If there is one thing I know about tradies and marketing, it’s that the enquiries can rain down on your business – you just need the systems and processes in place so you can collect them and convert them.

What is Included in the Tradie Xcelerate System™

  • Monthly Marketing Activities including Search Engine Optimisation
  • WordPress Website Plugins Managed
  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Contact Form sync’d with Active Campaign and a contact funnel so people are reminded to follow you up. (you’ll need an Active Campaign Subscription).
  • We’ll update the website so it has Calls To Action and other sales tools
  • Click to call phone number
  • If you have an instagram feed we’ll add it in
  • If you need website hosting, we’ll host you.
  • If you host with us, we can also provide an SSL (Secure Socket Layer – Google will love you)
  • Web page content written for you – monthly
  • A team to support your business – monthly
  • Call tracking to track new leads.

What do we need from you?

  • Access to your website
  • Focus – Where do you want to attract customers and what SERVICE do you want to focus on?

Working with our team you can expect:

  • Results. We do the work, you gain the results.
  • A team to support your business.
  • You now have a central person to contact for ongoing marketing advice.
  • As your business grows you can put on more team members and move into the manager role.
  • Your wife is happier, as you are around more. And more relaxed. (Eggplant Emojii)
  • You have time to date / relax / play video games (whatever floats your boat).
  • You’re no longer chasing word of mouth – they are chasing you!
  • You actually feel in control of your business, not that it is controlling you.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there is a three prong approach to marketing a successful trades business. We’re not here for short term results. We’ll put in the hard yards to make sure you come up on top.

The ultimate goal is to put systems and processes in place so your website becomes a sales and revenue generating machine.

We recommend you send us as many photos as possible (iPhone or DLSR High quality) so we can add them to your website. The more personal and authentic the photos the better for your brand.

We do. You’re a trade business owner. Not a marketer. Leave the content writing to us

You’ll work directly with Stephanie and her amazing team.

If you need hot leads RIGHT NOW, we’ll switch on an Adwords campaign so we can get the work in and use the profits to drive back into the business and get the website ranked so it generates leads on its own.

You do, it’s your account. We’ll set everything up and manage the account so it generates us results, but the Adwords account is yours to own.

Click the button below to apply for a call.

…and discover whether Tradie Xcelerate System™ is right for you.

You KNOW you can do this. You just need the system and methodology to back you and your business. That’s where we come in.

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