My Story

When I was 13 I was incredibly lucky to stay at the Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru, Northern Territory.

My mum and dad worked damm hard for us kids – my dad worked his behind off every day on the job site, whilst my mum was one of those mums that had everything sorted for us.

We didn’t have a lot – and mum wanting to create the best life for us, would enter competitions on the radio one day praying we’d win something epic.
You see we didn’t really do travel. We were lucky if we went to the beach with dad at the end of the year.

Well it happened. Mum won us a 2 week trip around Australia.
It was our first real family holiday. First time on a plane, first time seeing ‘the world’.
The Crocodile Hotel was the NT stay of our trip. And I remember this hotel like it was only yesterday.

Why do we work so hard if we don’t get to spend time with our loved ones?
Free Quotes, Negotiations, Contra Deals and discounts can stick it.

Family is why I’ve built my business. It’s how I earn the time back to build a life with my family, but also the time I have the power to give my clients back to their families too.