Marketing Automations for tradies and builders

4 Marketing Automations for Tradies and Builders:

The Inquiry

We want to design a business in a way that generates leads and sales. Now, for example, if we were getting 20 leads a week, what would need to happen? Well, someone would need to manage the inquiry form so that when we do get leads, they’re managed properly. This is what inquiry automation can do. Basically, that contact form is hooked up to something called Active Campaign. There’s a range of CRMs: HubSpot, MailChimp does it. And we could just do so much with it. So the form is connected to the Active Campaign. When the inquiry comes in, that person goes into Active Campaign into a sales dashboard, and you can see that person and where in the sales process they actually are. Then, there’s also an email that goes out to say, “Hey! Thanks so much for contacting us.”

The Nurture

Now, we also want to put some bait on your website. When someone comes to the website, they need to be baited, so that we can get their information. We don’t want them to leave without getting their email. There’s three kinds of buyers: 1) there’s someone who wants to buy from you right now, 2) there’s someone who’s almost ready to buy from you, and 3) there’s someone who’s just having a look browsing through your website. Your content needs to satisfy those three buyers.

The nurture sequence typically satisfies the customer that is either having a look around or sitting on the fence and not sure if they’re gonna buy from you. When they take your bait (e.g. a freebie or checklist on how to make grass greener), you’re actually giving them a task. What you’d like to do is be able for them to go out and maybe use that fertilizer that you recommended on that freebie. Then all of a sudden, their grass is a lot greener and they’ve got YOU to thank for it. Ofcourse, that’s not going to be the only problem in their backyard. So when another problem arises, they’re going to buy from you because you’ve earned their trust.

The nurture sequence is a 14 day notice sequence with two weeks of emails. So the idea being we want to touch base with them and check in with them over the next two weeks; because in the first two weeks of a client talking to you, that is when they are the most likely to buy. In these emails, we’re saying hello and introducing who we are. We’re asking them a direct question about how we can help them. We’re showing them more information about the biggest emotions and desires that we know of what’s happening in their life. So again, it’s a nurture sequence’s job to make sure that if that person is warm, we warm them up even more, and then offer them an opportunity.

The Review

This is another automation that should be in place for everyone running a trade business. We want a review script to go out to our customers every single time they finish doing business with us. For example, setting up an automation inside Active Campaign. If you are using the sales dashboard and Active Campaign, once a customer goes from booked to completed, an automation can fire and go on the automation list to get the review email. You write this once, and then it’s done. And then all you have to do is make sure your customers are moving through the sales process inside your automation tool.

The Follow-up

The last automation you need is the follow-up.What are you going to do when the customer hasn’t bought from you? Once again, this can be set up in Active Campaign. You can set up your sales dashboard so when the client comes in as a prospect, and you’ve had a proposal meeting, you can flick that person over to the follow-up trial. You can send them an email asking if they still need your assistance. For example, you can say, “I understand we’ve provided a detailed proposal for you and I’ve just put core service there. Would you like to schedule a call to go over it?” These are follow up emails. It doesn’t have to be lengthy, it can be a spear — short, personal and expecting a response. These are the best kind of emails to send. No sales talk, no links, no nothing.This should be part of your process, a very simple automation that we just need to write so that every single person has an assigned experience.

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