Listen: Three Trades TRUTH BOMBS that you can’t afford to ignore

How do you make your trades business stand out in a marketplace as competitive as today’s? 

Well, a few months back, our Digital Director Steph joined the Tradies Success Podcast to talk all things marketing – and dropped a bunch of truth bombs about how to truly stand out. Here’s just a couple of those insights.

TRUTH BOMB 1: Stop trying to do everything

If you want to be top of the Google rankings and the number one choice, stop trying to be a generalist. Steph highlights that a lot of trades businesses are spreading their nets too wide.

“When we talk to new clients,” she says, “they say things like “I want to service all of Sydney’. 

“Reality check! You just need to do Sutherland Shire, or Bayside in Melbourne,” she adds. “And just do one service. Say, air conditioning. What’s the one thing you and your team can roll out quickly that’s profitable?”

Focusing down on key services and geographies may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s actually better for your business.

“It’s scary because you think you’ll be turning away all this work,” says Steph, “But you’ll be the hero – you’ll be the one person people call for that service. People will spend anything on that one thing because they want it to be the best.’

TRUTH BOMB 2: Customer service is EVERYTHING

If you’re not giving your customers a great experience every time you interact with them, you’re losing them. 

‘Being mediocre isn’t acceptable.” says Steph.

In fact, providing that customer experience should start right from the very beginning of your relationship with that client – from the very moment they fill out an enquiry form. So many trades business fall down at this first hurdle, explains Steph.

“They’ve given you their details… and then they just don’t hear anything. They’re not acknowledged,” she says. “It’s like walking into a store, the clerk is on the phone and they don’t acknowledge you even though they’re in front of you. It’s the same thing. You need to acknowledge your customers from the moment they wave and say hello.”

Something as simple as an automated message that says ‘we’ve received your enquiry and will get back to you shortly’ will put you ahead of the vast majority of the trades and construction industry.

TRUTH BOMB 3: Just doing quality work won’t get you more work.

You might be the best plumber or electrician in the Southern Hemisphere; however, it’s not the quality of your work that will get your customers recommending you to their neighbours, family and friends. 

“Everyone can install this or do that or make this thing work,” says Steph. “Begging your customer for referrals by saying ‘Hey – I made your toilet go swoosh, can you tell your neighbour?’ doesn’t work.”

Instead, you have to wow them with the whole package. Be on time (preferably early), do a great job, be friendly and professional, and leave the place spotless – that’s what gets people talking about you.

“When you walk in, you’re well dressed, when you do all those other things – that’s when they’ll tell their neighbours without being asked,” says Steph.

For tons more insight, check out the whole episode –including why you should consider putting a gif of Tom Hanks into your emails to clients. 

We guarantee it’s better for you than listening to the same old songs and the same old DJ on your next commute – click here to listen to something that will help grow your business instead!

PS: We’ve just been invited for a return visit to the Tradies Success Podcast in the next few weeks – stay tuned for further details about our next set of Truth Bombs!

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