How to Maximize WordPress Websites for Tradies

Whether your WordPress website is about to be built, or was built ages ago, these 3 tools are the absolute bees-knees for every tradie who has a wordpress website.

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Richard & Samantha Drury
Richard & Samantha Drury
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Michael LYNCH
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Eugene Osovsky
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Robert Martin
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Craig Gibson
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Jon Dale
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Nathan Whalley
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Matthew Attwood
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Roberta Mantra
22:26 24 Jul 20
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Lynton May
Lynton May
19:17 20 Aug 20


Here are three great ways you can maximize your WordPress site.

1. Google Analytics

One of the first things you’ll want to do with your WordPress website is to install Google Analytics. Knowing exactly what’s happening on your WordPress website is crucial. The data will allow you to understand where the traffic is going….

PS – If your users (traffic) aren’t converting – Google can show you this data – the missing piece is what to do.
Another awesome reason to give us a call. We can actually show you these missing pieces.



This is super stalker… but you can now watch users click around on your website.

Setting up, isn’t too difficult – you just need to insert some code in the <head> of your website.

The information is so important because if you notice that your visitors are searching for content on your site and leaving when they don’t find it, you know exactly what action you need to take.

If you notice users clicking on all your images, you might want to improve the quality of your photos or provide more of them.

If they seem confused and darting around on your services pages, you know you need to go back and fix the grammar or paragraph layout.

Attention to detail is absolutely essential and even the smallest changes can have big results.


3. GT Metrix

Do you feel – the need for speed!!! A slow website is a sales killer. There’s nothing quite like taking a user back to 1990’s when we used to wait what felt like hours to see content.

You should run a speed test each month on your WordPress website using software like GTMetrix. Built for marketers, GTMetrix helps you run speed tests on your website without making any hard coding changes. The reports show you how quick your website is and what may be slowing it down.

You should be aiming for at least 5 seconds – but even then, that’s too slow. Try and get it under 3 seconds load time.


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