How to Leverage HiPages?

How to leverage HiPages as a tradie
Are you one of the many tradies that belong to the HiPages network?

I often hear mixed reviews about ‘Directory Listings’. HiPages are one of the best. They have over 90+ staff taking care of their online listings. 

How to leverage HiPages?

Get Active! Use it or loose it
Like I said, I hear mixed reviews. But it’s the tradesmen that are active on HiPages that get the most out of the system. Like anything, it takes work. You’ve got to have a complete profile. 
Action: Complete your profile:
– Add your contact details
– Add photos
– Add your ABN & specific licences
– Add your Headshot/Photo. In your tradie gear, not you at your wedding. We want to see the every day you

Photos! Your buyers are visual.
They want to see your work. If all you have are iPhone images, these won’t be good enough. You need to prove the work you do is outstanding. And a high quality photograph will do this.
Action: Hire a trade specific photographer. Someone with landscaping & a architectural portfolio.
P.S Hire a designer and have them add smart graphics that overlay the photos to explain further what the image is about 😛