How Important Is a Service Marketing Plan for a Tradesman?

Marketing plans are key to the success of any company. They help you gain a clear idea of your business prospects, market potential, target customers and revenue estimates.

A well-planned and clear cut service marketing strategy is crucial for any tradesman to see his income and customer base soar.

Marketing of products is difficult but more so when you are trying to sell a service. Services are intangible and your customers do not end up owning any item. What they buy from a tradesman is a rewarding experience.

A tradesman accomplishes a task for his or her customer, but the overall service also comprises your superior skills, your customer savvy, and the consistency the user experience you deliver. You may also be called upon to provide after-service maintenance or remedial procedures. It is this wholesome package that you are trying to sell.

As a tradie are you under the impression that ads in Yellow Pages and classified pages of local newspapers will do the trick for you?

You cannot be further from the truth. Read on to know how exactly you can go about marketing your services.

Evaluate Your Service

Your service marketing plan comprises an honest and complete evaluation of what you do and how you do it. Evaluate the people offering the service whether it’s you in person or those you have on payroll.

You should be able to point out what differentiates you from the rest of the competition. Do you clean up after your job leaving your client’s home spick and span? Do you always call and confirm an appointment 30 minutes before ringing the bell? Do you have all the necessary licenses and approvals, and have trained professionals working on the job? Are you accredited by reputed certification bodies?

These qualities could very well be your unique selling proposition (USP).

Evaluate Where You Would like to Focus Your Marketing Efforts

You cannot hope to win over every customer located everywhere. You need to focus on prospects in a particular area and focus your efforts and marketing money on those specific areas.

You also have to determine where your potential customers are more likely to look for you. Most people search online so be there. Letterbox flyers and emails will help you win attention. Be active on social media and reach out to existing and potential customers. Joint ventures and referral programs will also help you find and retain customers.

Be Attentive to Your Customers

Services are all about the people providing them to their customers. Your marketing plan should ensure you give off the best vibe from the very first interaction with your potential customers.

You will have people trying to contact you through various channels. The phone numbers and other contact information you give out should always be attended to. Do not let any calls go unanswered. If you are busy politely say so and without fail get back to your caller. All mails and online inquiries should be dealt with promptly.

Bear in mind that the same attention should be paid to existing customers when they call for fix–ups, no matter how minor.

Consistent and quality attention that you pay to all your existing and future customers will help you reap rich rewards.

Be Mindful of Your Competition

It is very important for you to keep an eye on your competition. You are competing to win the same business, so having a good idea of how your competitors function will help you underline and focus on your USPs while speaking to potential customers. A good marketing plan will make this happen.

Sometimes you will find that your competitors are growing at a much quicker pace than you. It could be because they are winning more of the new businesses or are eating away into your existing clientele. If that’s the case you will have to analyze and understand your shortcomings and work on them.

In today’s world of cut throat competition, you cannot afford to lag behind other players on any account. You may have to upgrade your skills, call in marketing experts or bundle your services into attractive and value adding packages. You will have to do whatever it takes to bridge the gap.

Turn up Smart

When you go to meet prospective customers ensure you are well turned out. A well-groomed and polite tradie will always fare better than someone who hasn’t paid any attention to how he appears to his potential customers.

Have the Right Answers

Homeowners are obviously going to ask you plenty of questions. For example, if you are a professional carpet cleaner your customer will ask about your experience, expertise, cleaning procedures, guarantees and accreditations. Clearly and concisely explain to your customer the benefits and advantages of your cleaning processes. If you are accredited by reputed agencies, speak about that as well.

A good marketing plan will equip you to close deals quickly and efficiently.

Estimates should be comprehensive and state all costs upfront. Assure your customer that there are no hidden charges and that you will provide all the services mentioned in the estimate.

Honest and clear answers will definitely please your potential customer.

Have a Solid Online Presence

Your service marketing plan should clearly outline your online marketing strategy.

You can create a simple, attractive and informative website without shelling out tons of money. We have the expertise to build websites for tradesmen like you that contain all the relevant background information about you, your experience and expertise, a few pictures of your completed projects and reliable customer references. Up-to-date contact information and inquiry forms should also be provided on the website.

If you are social media-savvy, you can leverage your extensive network as well to market your services.

Repeat Business Will Help You Win the Game

More often than not, when people are trying to find someone to do a plumbing or electrical job they prefer to go by word of mouth. There is more peace of mind when you are calling in a plumber who has been recommended by a trusted friend.

So blow away your customers with outstanding service, consistent post-job services and honest pricing. The word-of-mouth publicity you garner will alone be sufficient to knock out the competition.


Service marketing plans need to take into consideration all the above mentioned points. Since tradies operate in local environments, tailor your plans to cater to your unique needs, or call in marketing experts to analyze your requirements and create a suitable strategy for you.

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