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Hey, what up. It is Steph Campanella from Trades Get Online. I am just going to do my quick administration check and make sure that we are absolutely live. One, two, three, come on Facebook tell me the truth. Yeah, there we go. Awesome. Okay, cool. It’s Tradie Tuesday, well actually, not it’s not. It’s Wednesday and I feel horrible because I missed by absolute, I missed my Tradies Tuesday yesterday. So it’s Wednesday midday, and I thought that I should get back on here and make sure that I at least pass you guys some awesome messages so that you’ve still got some cool content to work with this week.

What I wanted to talk about was Google My Business. I was actually out visiting a business last week and they told that they were paying for the Google My Business set up, some ridiculous amount that they’re paying for, and then they’re paying someone to manage it. It was not optimized, it didn’t have any photos, it didn’t even have the available times open, not even the business address was there, it was really bad.

Unfortunately, when tech is not your thing you trust that people will sell you a service and it’s the service that you asked for, or what you needed. So that sucks that, I guess … Well, it’s good because they asked the right questions and now we’ve got to the bottom of it, and they are not paying for that anymore.

What I wanted to say here … I’ll turn this on, hey, is, what is the Google My Business page. Okay, there we go, it’s this one, that right there. Having a lot of fun here. That, right there is the Google My Business listing. That little bit right there, that’s there in the sort of orange highlight, that’s the Google My Business. Up there, that’s the actual Google Ads. They’re the paid positions that someone might pay for. You can see up here I’ve … Wow! This is all backwards. I’m having way too much fun!

I Googled plumber Roseville, just to bring this up, and, yeah, that’s the AdWords campaign, and then this is the Google My Business. So, this is actually free to set up. I’ll put the link in the bottom. You can go to Google My Business, I don’t know, just Google, Google My Business, and set yourself up an account. All you’re going to need is a Google Account to basically have that thing running and turning on. All you need is actually a real address, because a letter needs to get sent out to your business to show that you’re actually a legitimate business.

This … Can we do that? So see, I’ve got Advanced Plumbing Care down the bottom. What comes underneath that is actually the rest of the local listings, so there’s nine of these. If you’re doing SEO you should be moving here in these positions, if you’re doing AdWords you should be seeing yourself up here in the green. If you’ve simply got a Google My Business page then you should be seeing it in here, and you can optimize these so that you come up if someone does search for plumber, Roseville.

So yeah, I just wanted to make sure that that was super clear. I hope that’s really helped debunk, maybe some questions of yours. And yeah, I also just put a podcast out about this too so I’ll drop that in the link below as well. So yeah, hope you are having an awesome Wednesday. Happy Tradies Tuesday. Sorry for not coming through yesterday, but all good I’ll see you next week.

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