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17 Internet Things every Tradie needs to know

1. A Website What: A website is a place you can send your customers so they can learn more about you and your business. Why: If you don’t have a website in today’s connected age, it’s impossible for new customers to contact you. It’s an absolute must and first step for business owners. 2. Responsive…

The Builders Marketing Solution

I recently had the privilege of hanging out with Mick Hawes of Builders Business Blackbelt. He’s a coach who specialises in coaching and leveling up Builders. Now that makes me pretty happy. Cause he’s niched into a niche 🙂 A small corner of the universe. In this episode I spoke about The Importance Of Marketing…

5 Ways to Drive More Traffic

1. Refurbishing old content Maintaining an active blog is a crucial Refurbishing your old blog posts can boost traffic by over 111% Just because you’ve already written about a topic, doesn’t mean you can’t rebrand it. Write for evergreen content some topics will continue to be searched year on year. Provide important up to date…

Tradies – This is how you attack a job, from start to finish!

Alright, here’s the honest truth when it comes to any job – doing the actual job is the EASIEST part. You’ve honed your craft for years, you’ve laid countless amounts of bricks, cable and pipe (keep it G-rated please!) and you can pretty much do your job blindfolded. However, it’s how you attack the job…

My Story

When I was 13 I was incredibly lucky to stay at the Crocodile Hotel in Jabiru, Northern Territory. My mum and dad worked damm hard for us kids – my dad worked his behind off every day on the job site, whilst my mum was one of those mums that had everything sorted for us.…

Marketing for Builders with BuildXact & Tradies Get Online

  Are you across the marketing basics for your building company? Take a look at this collaboration between BuildXact and Tradies Get Online and see which ones you’ve ticked off the list – and which ones still need some work. Firstly – if you do good work – you deserve the best customers. So make…