Dead Easy Email Setup for Tradies

Good afternoon. It is Steph Campanella from Tradies Get Online, and today is another awesome Tradie Tuesday. Now, I go live … When I shoot these videos, I go live on Facebook, and I have this amazing tool that records it straight into Facebook and then it goes out into YouTube. So let’s just quickly check that all is safe. Googling my own name in Facebook. Are we live? Yeah, yes we are. Awesome. Okay, cool. So today is dead easy email setup for Tradies. I was sitting down with a builder, the other night actually, and he was talking about how he was going to start his business and what’s he need to do and all this kind of thing, and, obviously, you’ve got to go register the business, you’ve got to go get your home warranty insurance, and your public liability, and all the … Builder’s license, all the things that you have to go and do to set up a building company.

But then there was the more marketing things. Obviously, you need to buy a domain, If you can get the, that would be best. Now, when you buy this domain, don’t buy the email that gets boxed in with the domain. Don’t go and buy your domain from Blue Host and then get their email, or Go Daddy and get their email set up. It’s absolutely horrible. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve moved out of those service systems and into a simple system. The only two emails that I would ever recommend you get set up with is the G Suite, the Google, and I’m going to show you how you can do that, but then also the Office 365. So depending if you’ve got an IT crew that’s helping you get set up, then they will probably push you to Office 365, awesome. I prefer G Suite, because there’s no technical needs to be set up. I don’t need a Microsoft Office license, there’s just nothing there. So there’s only two contenders when you’re getting an email address set up, or an email inbox set up, Office 365 or Google’s G Suite.

Okay, I actually have something here that I’m going to share with you on the screen in a sec. I’m going to see if I can turn this thing around, and then you can … I’m going to share my screen. But, yeah, so you obviously need to buy a domain, so, and then I would want So I’m going to need an email box, and email server, somewhere for my emails to be caught and captured. What you don’t want to do, and let’s just knock this over, you don’t want to get like a, or a Hotmail, or a Gmail, etc, because it doesn’t look professional. People out there in the world know that you should have a proper domain, you should have a proper email address associated with your business address, so it’s sort of a tick of they’re a professional. So do it and get it done, and you’re a professional, yeah.

So what is the difference between this Office 365 and this G Suite? Nothing really. You can still run a G Suite email account into Office, what do you say, Outlook Express? A lot of people tell me, “Hey, Steph, I don’t want to sign up to the G Suite account, because I don’t like Google’s interface for email.” And I said, “Well that doesn’t matter, because you can simply take the logins that you’ve now created and set up, pull them into Outlook, and boom, you’ve got an [inaudible 00:04:01]. I mean, you’ve got it on your phone.” The thing with Gmail is that you can login to the browser at, and you can see the server. So you can see it’s there. You can actually physically see it’s there. If you lose your phone, you can go and get a new phone, and simply go to the email section, add a new account, put in your email address for your Google, and out you go, so it is very … You can just pick it up and go.

There’s other awesome stuff that you do get as well when you do go with Gmail. So let’s just jump into … I’ve never actually done this live, so let’s see. Oh, yahoo, it worked, cool. I just connected my iTunes, so this little thing is singing at me. Let’s turn it off so we don’t get any excuses. All right, sick. So if you go to my … Oh, Jesus, I’m dancing everywhere. If you go to my website, and I’ll give you the, what do you say, the URL. Oh, my little face is being blocked. Here we go, perfect. And let’s just move this over here so you can see me. Hey, there we go, that’s much easier.

Okay, so, if you go here, and you go to Tools of the Trade, you can actually see this is all the stuff that I use to basically run my business, and talk to my team, and all this kind of stuff. Right now, I’m using the ecamm live software. It is the best software for going live. Anyway, so Google. Try Google Drive. Right, so you click that. It then sends you to this G Suite by Google Cloud. “Hello there, thanks for taking a closer look at G Suite.” So what it’s showing here is that you get email, you get Google Docs, you get Google Drive, you get Google Calendar. Like how hard is it to send someone a calendar invite. This is all in this system. I do not understand Office 365 calendar whole thing, that’s just a nightmare.

Anyway, so, basic and personal, or basic and business. Basic is a business account, so they’re just naming it business, so that you think that, “Oh, I’m a business, I should be spending 10 bucks a month.” No, I’m going to go with the basic. Yahoo. I mean, you still get 30 gigs of space. Let’s go back here. You get a professional email, tick. You get 30 gigs of space, tick. You get to collaborate more quickly and efficiently, yeah, thank you. Obviously, you get unlimited space [inaudible 00:06:38]. Anyway, let’s see if the sign up for this one is any different. A little coffee. Look at that, it’s actually not. There you go.

So $5 an inbox with Google, and it’s just me, and can say Steph … I don’t know how long it’s going to let us go along without taking my credit cards. Anyway, I’m from Australia. What’s your … Oh, it’s going to really dig in here. Anyway, this is simply me selecting that I want … Go back here. I want email. I want it five bucks a month. I want to get started ASAP. It’s just me. If it was just me and my bookkeeper husband, or partner, or wife, or whatever, you could go two inboxes, so that would be two. Now, if it’s just email address, you just want to get started, but you also need … So you need joe@stephbuilds, or you need info@stephbuilds, but you want it to all be in one account, those are called aliases.

So you’d set up, and then I’d set up, and that way, now on, from whatever I do in the public eye, all my invoice or all my emails for invoicing go out via This is a very handy tip from Kate Kemp, who was on the podcast a couple weeks ago talking about receipts, but she gave me this awesome tip before. When you set up a new email address, always set up accounts@yourdomain, because, eventually, you’re going to need a bookkeeper, and, eventually, that bookkeeper is going to need all the invoices in one place, so then when you’re ready, you can split off your email address with the Forgot my domain.

Anyway, so info@, steph@, sales@. You can have one main email address, but the others can be aliases, which means you only need one inbox for all those emails, and then all you do is filter. You filter so that all emails come to the top of my email address, but then an account email goes into the accounts folder. A client might send an email, and you can filter so that that client email always goes into a client box. There are very smart and easy and quick ways to set up email with the Google G Suite. So I will leave this little, what do you say, URL in the YouTube just so you can see it. You can jump onto the podcast too if you so wish, that’s very exciting stuff.

Right, let’s switch back. So, why do we … Refocus. Why do we need a professional email address? It’s so that people can take us seriously. It’s so that our back office is simply set up. The worst thing is trying to find email passwords, and trying to get, you know, if you’ve got disconnected and you can’t get into it, you just need somewhere to have it simply set up. That’s why I love Google G Suite. So what is it? What am I telling you to do? I’m telling you to get a professional email. I’m telling you to either go via Office 365 with an IT consultant partner, or jump onto that G Suite webpage yourself, sign up, five bucks, done. Literally, you have a professional email.

The only technical thing here in the backend is the fact that once you’ve finished signing up over here, over here, over here, all you’re going to need to do is jump into your domain name, and say my email servers are with Google. Usually, there’s a dropdown for that, and it’ll literally write what needs to happen. It’s so simple, like there’s outbox, inbox, you don’t have to worry too much about all that crazy IT crap, so, yes, I’m trying to be as least IT junkie as possible. Anyway, so the why is get professional email. The what is go to the G Suite and just buy it. It’s five bucks. And the how, well, that’s the same, you go there. Have I not told you already?

Anyway, dead easy email set up for you Tradies. Just go to Gmail. It’s five bucks. Get a professional email account set up, and that way, when you respond … Like, there’s email signature templates and stuff in there too. When you write to someone, you’ve got a beautiful signature. You can even connect your phone, and when you write to someone on here, you can choose to have a signature. There’s a thousand reasons why you would want to run as a G Suite, rather than a BigPond, or Hotmail, or … I mean, a Hotmails, quite often those emails end up in the junk, so you won’t even get an email out there to your customers, so.

Yeah, anyway, if this was of value, then do me a favor and leave me a comment. I got some comments last week. They were freaking awesome, so thank you so much. My heart is super full. Leave me a review, and ask us a question. So we’ve had so many questions come through over the last week about things that you Tradie wives and Tradie gents need basically. So if you give us the questions, we’ll answer them for you live on the feed every Tuesday at Tradie Tuesday, so, yes. I think that’s about it.

You should totally get your email set up. It is not difficult. You can literally go to my site, click on Google, sign up, it’s five bucks, put your credit card in there, bam, you’re going to have an in browser existence experience. You’ll literally then jump into your phone’s mail app, and you say I’ve got a new account, and Apple literally say is it a Google account? You go yes, it’s a Google account. My email address is, and then my password is whatever I set my password at, and, bam, your whole inbox is just there. It’s amazing. Anyway, signing off. All right, well hope you have had an awesome Tuesday, and, until next week, ciao.

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