Corporate Christmas Cards

Well it’s begun. David Jones are rolling out the red carpet for the big man in the red suit. With only 86 days left till Chrissy it’s time to think about your marketing and what you’re going to do for Chrissy.

Christmas marketing is the best type of ‘Disruptive’ marketing as people actually like to receive it. What are you going to include in your Corporate Christmas Card pack?

  • A bottle of wine?
  • Some chocolates?
  • A gift voucher for your services?

The best time to organise your Christmas marketing is in October. You’ll get in before the Chrissy rush AND you’ll have them ready and in the office of your beloved clients by November 27.

Why November 27? Because any later, and your card sits in the office for 4 days before it gets throw out.

Get in early and get in-front of your clients before the chrissy rush hits.

How can we help?

We’ve got a bunch of designs ready made, so you could choose a design you like, and we can add your logo onto the design for you. or We could custom design a cute illustration for you.

You could customise the message, or we can leave it blank and you can hand write the message 🙂 A personal touch always gets a better response.

Want some Corporate Christmas Cards? Fill out the form or give us a call.