Client 43574768: Case Study

The client came to us in September with an idea, and through the last quarter of 2013 we designed and built the mobile friendly website. With a December launch in mind, once we had done so we shared the website on all social media platforms.

Starting with LinkedIn – as the client had lots of connections. People interacted with the LinkedIn Status Update often ‘liking’ it and then clicking the link.

Daily Reports for client 4357

(Above image snapshot taken from Google Analytics January 2014 – April 2014 – Daily Reports).

Following LinkedIn, we also created a Facebook Business Page and a Twitter account. Connecting with businesses and people who shared a common interest. 

The website in December ’13 had good social traffic & started conversations offline. But 10 visitors a day doesn’t provide space for testing conversions.

Once we had some initial sales come through the business, we started the Search Engine Optimisation campaign (March 2014).

You can see from the reports (IMG-4357-A) the daily traffic injections have been growing steadily.

The monthly snapshot looks even better with a steady incline in traffic.

Monthly Reports for client 4357

(Above image snapshot taken from Google Analytics January 2014 – April 2014 – Monthly Reports).

So what content did we create? What tasks were completed?

Keyword Research: Understanding what keywords suited the business and what will provide us with traffic.

New Web Pages & Content Writing:
Creating content around the keywords from the previous reports.

Backlinking & Domain Listings:
Creating backlinks by creating entries  on the best local listing websites.

Blogging Content:
Creating unique content which is used to link build, but also natural enough to also be used to share on the clients social media pages.

If you’re considering working with a website designer that’s specific to tradesmen, give us a call.

Please appreciate the clients privacy. Client names replaced with numbers.

Tradesmen’s Website Launched December 2013

Reports shown from December 2013 launch to April 2014.

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