Helping a custom builder reach his ideal customers

This builder is a custom builder based in Tasmania.

The company specialises in architecturally designed, sustainable custom houses and small developments that are uniquely suited to the rugged landscape and unique conditions of the Apple Isle. However, they had struggled to reach the right buyers for its stunning, luxurious homes. 

At least, until the company signed up with TradiesGo.

What we did 

We started from scratch with their digital presence, visually rebranding the company and building an entirely new website that better displayed the company’s stunning homes, services and Tasmanian roots. 

Meanwhile, the SEO strategy focused on effectively driving leads for conversion to ensure more engaged, more qualified leads came through in higher volume. 

In less than six months, high quality leads were coming in as a result of our SEO optimisation; a year later, the company has seen an incredible shift. The company has made back the investment it made in the marketing campaign and is now building off that. In fact, they’ve already doubled down and signed up for another 12 months with us.

“The Tradies Go Team provide an excellent service,” says company director Samuel, “and definitely put in the work required to get you seen online!”

This detailed performance graph shows the tangible results of TradiesGo’s strategic SEO efforts. From May to November 2023, the growth in referring domains indicate the successful amplification of the digital footprint. The URL rating has climbed steadily, mirroring the rise in organic traffic, which directly correlates with the SEO enhancements we implemented. The chart also shows an impressive increase in the number of pages crawled by search engines, underscoring the improved accessibility and indexation of the website. The consistency in organic traffic value speaks to the high-quality content and user experience that we’ve tailored for this company’s audience.

This Organic Keywords chart captures the SEO journey since May 2023, with a focus on keyword rankings that drive search engine visibility. The graph illustrates a significant boost in keywords entering the top three spots, which is instrumental for driving organic search traffic. Keywords in positions 4–10 and 11–20 have also seen upward trends, marking the successful targeting of a broader range of search queries. Notably, the solid growth of keywords in the 21–50 range sets the stage for continuous improvement. The chart underscores the effective keyword strategy and optimisation techniques applied by TradiesGo, paving the way for this builder to dominate search results and attract quality leads.

Daily Web Sessions Since Joining

Our line graph depicts the daily web session counts, with a notable upward trajectory in site engagement over the past year. This sustained increase, doubling the sessions by the close of the year, underscores the effectiveness of our SEO and content marketing initiatives. It’s a testament to our strategic enhancements and the resulting heightened user interest.

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