Sales Manager

No gimmicks, no tricks, just make a sale, you get paid and we’ll deliver the goods.

Have we got your attention?
We’re looking for a Sales MA-CHINE!
Someone who wants flexibility and freedom.

We thrive on Structure:

  • Sell ‘the product’ – we have one standard product which we roll out on repeat.
  • Achieve sales targets.
  • Follow a script which has closed countless cold sales in under 25mins (on the phone).
  • Pass the ball, as soon as you’ve secured another sale, pass it straight to the team – giving you the freedom to stay on task.

We appreciate Support

  • We’ve got long lists of prospects waiting to be tapped on the shoulder.
  • We’ve got hot leads needing a quick close
  • We’ll send you to events to ‘briefcase’ and canvas – hunting out prospects.
  • We constantly run ads and drive fresh blood into the business.

Who are we looking for?

  • Enthusiasm – Do you have that hunger?? That get up and go enthusiasm you can’t fake.
  • Sales Experience – Are you already in-motion making sales – Driving new business – just not being rewarded the way you should be.
  • Hardworking – Pick up the phone and dial, hunt down those opportunities.
  • Accountability – Own your mistakes fast, train, practice and get back out there
  • Digital marketing experience (Adwords, SEO, Social Media)
  • Confidence – The ability to select and seduce a prospect.
  • Closer – The ability to connect emotionally with a cold prospect, ASK them for their business and GET TO YES.

Who are our Customers?

  • Our customers are hard working business owners
  • They’re Custom Home Builders – building 10-200 homes a year.
  • They’re Plumbers needing their team members to have 4 blocked drain service calls a day
  • They’re Electricians looking to be the LOCAL go-to support for their neighbourhood
  • They’re Landscapers – sick of small maintenance gigs and want to land those large commercial projects
  • Sometimes they’re even Candlestick makers 🤣 🤣

Our customers know WHAT Digital Marketing is and the power of it – but do not want to get their hands dirty in the latest Google algorithms.

  • They appreciate, they either need to pay Google to be on-top, or get the right team to do the work and earn that #1 position
  • They’re open to doing Social Media differently – standing out from the crowd and not doing that same old ’10% off if you call now’ sales tricks

Our Customers ARE AMAZING. We LOVE them and we love supporting them.

Who are We?
We’re dominating the Trade Niche. We LOVE supporting those that build our homes, unblock our toilets and make sure the lights are on.
We’re 10+ years young.

What we want to See:

  • A Cover Letter – tell us a little bit about you – your quirks – what gets you excited.
  • A resume, the ins and outs of what you do

Action on Our end:

  • We’ll see your application
  • We’ll take a look through your cover letter
  • If we think you’re the Next Right Fit, we’ll send you an email with an initial time to connect and go through some basics on the phone.

PS if you’re not in Sydney we can talk about Working From Home. 🙂

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