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I recently had the privilege of hanging out with Mick Hawes of Builders Business Blackbelt.

He’s a coach who specialises in coaching and leveling up Builders. Now that makes me pretty happy. Cause he’s niched into a niche 🙂

A small corner of the universe.

In this episode I spoke about

The Importance Of Marketing Your Business

You can’t just ‘do the business’ and hope the leads will come in – that’s the fastest way to generate the wrong leads – leads that drive you bonkers.

You’ve got to attract the leads in. But before you do that you need to know what kind of leads you want.

If you design your business lead funnel, you’ll design the business of your dreams.

What’s The Most Common Mistakes With Builders And Marketing

Marketing is a secondary item in the business. If we do better marketing, it’s the marketing that makes up 80% of the sales conversation.

Builders copy other builders websites and sales messages.

One of the biggest errors is doing everything – you should be narrow and specific. Pick one kind of building style, or renovation technique and market and attract that work in.

How Important Is It To Have A Good Web Presence And A Good Social Presence?

It’s imperative to have a digital presence. A Digital Footprint. It’s actually quite simple to get started, you need a website, content and boom we can setup a Google Adwords campaign.

Setup a Squeaky Wheel Campaign. Show them the 3 biggest pain points on repeat!! Scratch that itch.

Share that content on Social Media and drive the traffic back to your website.
Again, don’t stay and play on Socials – drive the traffic back to your website!

You need Analytics 🙂 You need data so you can read the roadmap and correct and change your marketing strategy each 90 days if needed!!! Without a compass how are you meant to dominate your industry?

How Much Effort Do You Need To Put In So We Can Be Successful

Really if you want to do nothing – that’s fine. But please at least send us photos 🙂

We’ll manage Google Adwords, SEO, Emails, Linkedin etc. All you have to do is answer the phone and convert those leads.

If you want to be more hands on, we can put a 90 Day plan in action so we can sit down together every 90 Days and review and action our marketing ideas.

Content is King!
Yes yes, I know old quote but it is very important.

What Needs To Be In Place?

A website that has a place where people can opt into your funnel. We need a conversion page! We need to design your landing page so it has the questions you need in your sales presentation so you can sell that quote! Mick loves the idea of builders offering $$$ for quotes. No more freebies!

In order to charge for a quote, you gotta look the part. So look sharp, lead the client down the path, show them the way. SELL THE QUOTE.

Do you have Facebook Remarketing in Place?
Do you have Google Analytics in place?
Are you setup on Social Media Platforms?
Are you following (on instagram) others that follow similar brands?

What Else Does A Builder Need To Do To Capitalize On Their Marketing Strategy

Check in with us once a month, book your 90 Day strategy call in. Answer the phone when it rings! Sell yourself! You’re the boss! Act like it.

Take 5 minutes on every job and take some photos 🙂 Send those to us and we’ll add them to Google My Business or your website.

Niche! You should be niching and talking to one kind of buyer – one kind of customer.

Book a Game Plan Session with Steph and define your Marketing Strategies next 90 Day steps.















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