Breaking away from a Franchise?

Hey. It’s Steph from Tradies Get Online and happy Trainee Tuesday. It is … Gosh, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon and I thought now’s about the right time to come on and come and have a chat. Today’s topic actually comes from a call that came in yesterday. I won’t mention who it is or anything like that.

But his questions that he had were really good because I’m sure they apply to a whole bunch of you guys out there and I thought I’d cover it. It’s basically if you are looking to break away from your franchise. So you might have joined a plumbing or electrical franchise or even a building franchise. You’ve been in there for a little while but you are confident now that you want to go out on your own, and you’re looking to set your sail and come the end of the year you might want to break away.

So what can you do with your time, to make sure that when you do break away, you’re ready to go? So obviously you can’t continue using the business name that your franchise has, so you need to think of a new business name. You’ll need to register your business name and you can do that all online.

You’ll need to get a logo, you’ll need to get some branding sorted for your business. Something unique and snappy and great colors and bright, all that kind of thing. You’ll want to get some business cards organized, because if you’re going to go out and do some networking, to let your local area know that you’re around, well, some business cards won’t go astray.

You might need some letterhead sorted, because you might want to be writing letters out to potential real estate agents maybe, that you can do some maintenance work. You’re going to need some invoicing software, because we all need to invoice, quote and we need to get paid. Of course, you’re going to need a website, and then you’re going to need some marketing or some marketing funnels, I guess.

So yeah I guess that’s top to bottom. The stuff that you need to just make sure that, now that you’re ready to break out there and do it on your own, well, this is what you’re going to need to have ready to go when you do break out.

So yeah, that was a short and sharp Trainee Tuesday and I hope that was helpful to you. If you are looking to break out and do it on your own, awesome, that’s brilliant. And I hope that you have value from this live Facebook feed. So awesome, have an awesome day. Steph from Tradies Get Online.

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