Book a Sales Call Successfully in Two Easy Steps

You’ve practised your pitch, you know you’re offering something great but no one is booking a sales call. Why? There could be a million specific reasons, but the most common reason is that your target clients don’t understand why they should book a sales call with you.

Luckily for you, I know two easy steps how you can successfully receive bookings for sales calls.

1. Use a name
Chances are, the services you offer are also offered by tons of your competition too so you should give it a unique name. It shouldn’t be unique just for the sake of being unique, it should also make sense and easy to understand. Remember, the name will be the first thing that your target audience will see, so it should create curiosity to them in an instant. You can construct the name using these 3 guidelines:

  • Name it based on who your service is for – e.g. “Be the most booked gardener in your area”
  • Name it based on how you will solve a problem – e.g. “Strategies To Get A Steady Cash Flow”
  • Name it based on the problem – e.g. “Stop Your Cash Flow Problems”

2. List out the benefits
Would you ever give your time to something that won’t benefit you especially your business? No! You will invest your time and money on something so it better be good! Basically, list out all the benefits of booking a sales call with you. Here’s the thing though, this is an opportunity to make a promise to your potential client but don’t promise something you can’t deliver. Benefits should be realistic, something that is of value and should be irresistible.

Super easy steps, Use a Name and List Out The Benefits. Do it right and do it smart. Have a great time receiving sales calls!