Before & After Marketing

Hey, what up? Let’s just check if we’re live. It is Steph Campanella from Tradies Get Online. It is Tuesday, which means it is Tradie Tuesday. So first things first, if there are any technical difficulties, let’s make sure. Ooh. This is cool!

Yep. We are absolutely live. Awesome. Okay. I’ve solved that little one. All right. Cool. What I wanted to do today was to show you, I guess, a little before and after, or how to … My gosh. I’m losing all my words.

What I wanted to show you today was how you can take a customer from before their experience to after working with you, their experience. So this is a really good exercise to do, because it really helps you clarify your marketing messages. Really understanding how someone looked before they worked with you, versus how they’re going to look after working with you. If you can get this right, it really helps clear up the whole “Why should I work with you rather than somebody else?”

I believe I have this awesome little image here. Let me drop this thing in, if I can. Yahoo! There we go. Okay. Awesome. Well … This is actually the before and after state, a little illustration for you. Basically, this here is what you want to do when you are selling yourself. You want to show before … and I don’t know if you can even see my little mouse here.

You want to show the customer before they worked with you, they were glum. They were unhappy. They weren’t getting … Their toilets weren’t working. Let’s say that. And then after, they’re really happy, because obviously, everything’s working, and they’ve had an awesome tradie come past their house. And that tradie is you.

Yeah, I wanted to showcase the before and after. How the hell can you use this? If you think about, if you’re a gardener, then what you can do is you can detail them the before and after process. So you can say, “Well, typically clients have a nightmare back yard. They never use it. They’ve got all this space, but they just don’t use it.” So the before state is like unhappiness, and misuse of space, and this kind of thing.

What you can say is, “Well, as the gardening expert in … ” Turramurra, let’s say. “We transform people’s gardens to beautiful spaces, so that you can actually use your space, and turn that space into a fire pit where everyone can come and hang out.” And all this kind of stuff. You can say, “The grass is beautifully cut, and trim, and amazing, every single month. That’s why you want to keep us on a monthly retainer.”

Do you understand what I’m saying? Before, how was the customer before they saw you? And then what will the customer expect after they’ve been with you? If you can clearly define these for each of your sub-services that you provide, and then use that messaging to go to market and sell, then that’s a really good way to explain exactly how you do your services, or exactly how you’re different from everyone else in the marketplace.

That was a short and sweet Tradie Tuesday. I hope it was helpful for you. If this makes absolutely no sense, then please leave me a message. If you have a question that you want to get answered on Tradie Tuesday next week, well then of course, shoot us a message via Facebook, Instagram. Shoot us an e-mail. Jump on the website. Yeah, and basically, we’ll get it answered for you. This is it. This is me, Steph Campanella, Tradies Get Online, over and out. Perfect. Woo!

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