Are Your SEO Dollars Worth It?

We’ve all heard of the term SEO, short for search engine optimization, but is it really that important for your website to get ahead of your competition in google? 

Why Do I Need SEO Content?

SEO content is a chance to show off more of your website and more of what makes you a true authority people want to hire. When a page is well-made on your website it doesn’t just make Google happy. It’s another chance to talk to your clients and really get your brand out there. Every page is another chance to put your name and logo online, have contact forms up and show off good reviews. 

Of course, perfect SEO will also hit the right keywords for you and your business and make Google see you as a true expert, putting you ahead of your competitors when people search for electricians or repairs in their area. You want to be on the front page of any relevant search and good SEO is the very best way to do that.

The Importance of On-site SEO

Right now, you may have hired someone to do off-site work for your website, meaning they are building a rapport with Google, putting links to your business on other websites, but all that work will still lead back to your own website. It doesn’t matter how well someone else has talked you up if your own office is a wreck when those clients come to see you! 

What Your Content Needs:

When you write your content be sure to add in the things Google wants to see from it. You want to have points on your website that make it clear why people want to use your business. For a good website you’ll want:

  • Clear, concise bullet points about why you are the right pro for the job.
  • Testimonials from clients, letting everyone know just how much they loved working with you and how much you did for them.
  • Forms, Call-to-actions, buttons, and links to make a rich and easy-to-navigate website that meets a viewers needs before they even know they have one. 
  • A wide range of colours and colour palettes, not just grey or black. 

Can’t I just Use AI? 

It’s never a good idea to rely too much on AI content. The way the intelligence writes is rarely enticing for your customers, it’s fluff-heavy, speaks in circles and never stops to just get into the grit and answer the questions that brought you to the website in the first place. 

Additionally, AI software can’t create on its own: it scans other people’s work and copies it in pieces until it’s crafted what it believes are your specified requirements. By using AI you are guaranteeing a plagiarism issue with anything you are using on your website. 

On top of all the other issues with using AI, Google has recently begun targeting content that has clearly had AI involved in making it, and will drop the entire site and the articles themselves down Google rankings if it’s spotted. 

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