A Tradies Website Needs a Good Contact Page

When it comes to designing a tradesmen website the tools available are very flexible and companies have a whole range of options about the type of site they end up with. There are a few basic features that almost every site has though, and one of these is the contact page. That makes perfect sense; it doesn’t matter how impressed a potential client is with the services you offer if they don’t know how to get in touch with you. Of course it’s easy enough to stick an email address, and even a mailing address and phone number, in the page footer. A well designed contact page can offer a lot more than that though.

There’s some basic information that every contact page should have. Your email address is the most vital thing, of course; it’s how most people will make their initial contact with your business. Your phone number is essential too. Especially for emergency work, lots of customers see it as a quicker and more reliable way to get in touch. If you offer a 24 hour repair service make sure you give both your office and mobile numbers, along with the times each one should be used. That means you won’t lose business because somebody gets your answering machine. Have your physical address there too. That’s as much a trust thing as anything else; it reassures people that you’re a real business and not just a faceless website.

We all know how frustrating it is when you call someone and end up talking to a machine. It creates a bad first impression. Manage expectations by listing your contact times on your contact page; that way people will know before they call whether you’re likely to be there or not. Go one step further and provide an out of hours number, too. In fact if you offer a 24 hour emergency service then that’s an essential feature.

Now that the basics are out of the way, what else will add value to your contact page? How about a map showing people how to get to your premises? It’s now easy to do that with a simple app that can be inserted into your website. Add your post code and that’s it – anyone opening the site will see a detailed map with you right in the middle. That helps people visualise where you are and can be what tips the decision for potential customers who live near you.

As well as your email address, when you’re building a contact page consider adding a web contact form. It gives people an even easier way to send you a detailed message or give you their contact details so you can get back to them. It’s also a very professional looking touch that helps lift your site above the competition.

Your website is where potential new clients first come into contact with your business. It’s vital that it gives them a good impression and showcases the quality of the work you do. It’s equally vital that once you’ve impressed them they can contact you easily to ask questions, leave their details and hopefully give you their business. Having a great contact page will let them do that.

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