8 Things People Want to Know before They Hire a Tradie

Customers at times complain about rogue tradies disappearing half way through jobs, overcharging outrageously, or buying unnecessary materials. Given these horror stories, people want to make sure they don’t end up being a victim of foul play or unprofessionalism before hiring a tradesman. A lot of importance is therefore placed on the quality of a tradesperson’s work and his professionalism.

Following are eight things people will want to know about you before hiring you for a job:

  1. Are You Registered?
  2. When looking for a tradesperson, people either access a tradesman directory or the Web to find whom to hire. Consumers today want to know that the tradesmen they want to hire are registered with ABN, and that the ABN details are up to date and genuine.

  3. Are You Certified?
  4. Before hiring you, people want to be assured that your work will be of a high standard. They want to make sure that you will carry the necessary qualifications and deliver the best service. They will also want to check your credentials and whether you are a product of an Australian technical college.

    A business should have achieved ISO 9001, AS4801 and ISO14001 to inspire trust in would-be customers.  To receive these certifications, the business is audited regularly to ensure it complies with the strict, internationally recognized intensive requirements of Quality Management, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems.

  5. Are You Insured?
  6. People prefer hiring qualified and experienced tradesman. However, even qualified tradesman can make mistakes which can lead to accidents. People will therefore almost always make sure that the tradie they hire is adequately insured.

    As a tradie your business is dealing with risks on a daily basis, and insurance is an essential part of managing these risks. If your business is uninsured at the time of an accident, the resulting cost can cause a great loss to you.   

    Customers will most likely not hire you if you are not insured. This makes it important for a tradie to understand his insurance options and obligations.

  7. Quality References and Examples of Your Previous Work
  8. If a potential customer comes to you through traditional channels like after seeing a local newspaper ad, they will directly enquire about your work experience or ask for quality references. Things, however, have been changing for the past few years. Prospective customers today will first search for your business online and mostly land on your Professionally Built Tradie’s Website where they can easily see references and examples of your work.

    Customer testimonials inspire trust and credibility. Showcasing your work helps one know more about your service. A tradie should therefore make this vital information clear and easy to view for his prospective customers.

  9. Your Pricing
  10. A potential client would like to know your consultation charges. Make sure you mention the initial fees on your website.

    The overall fees for a project will be relative to the work done but people prefer to be given an estimate before any work begins. It’s better to give 3 quotes for any assignment to make sure your client is well-informed regarding prices. This will help you carry out the job efficiently and without any uncertainty or confusion.

    In most cases if a tradie is required to buy materials, he will ask for some deposit from the client. A client also needs to know if he is supposed to give any deposit at the start of the project.

  11. Your Available Timing
  12. A tradie is usually expected to be available at the drop of a hat, but 24/7 availability may not be every tradie’s cup of tea. A tradie should therefore clearly mention his operating hours on his website to avoid confusion later on.  

  13. Your Ratings on Review Websites
  14. A June 2013 BrightLocal study that focused on local consumer reviews found 70% of respondents saying positive customer reviews made them trust a business more.

    People check online review websites (like RatemyTradie, TradeCritic) for reviews or opinions before hiring a tradie. These websites work by compiling reviews of local tradesmen with the aim to help customers fight back against dodgy or expensive tradies. A review website helps people find quality tradesmen who have been approved of by others.

  15. How Long Have You Been in Business for
  16. Yes, potential clients would like to know this before they hire you.  A long and stable career assures them that you have an established business and are not a fly-by-night tradesman.


It’s a big challenge for a tradie to convince potential customers that he is an ethical and reliable service provider. Being registered with necessary bodies and having all essential certificates can help him prove that he is a trustworthy choice.

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