5 Ways to Drive More Traffic

1. Refurbishing old content Maintaining an active blog is a crucial Refurbishing your old blog posts can boost traffic by over 111% Just because you’ve already written about a topic, doesn’t mean you can’t rebrand it. Write for evergreen content some topics will continue to be searched year on year. Provide important up to date information for your consumers.

2. On-page SEO On-page SEO is your best friend Optimise as much as possible. Meta descriptions, or creating internal links etc Killer headlines for your blogs Keywords with good search potential 50% of web traffic driven by organic search results.

3. Get Social Billions of users on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram Social media can drive powerful warm traffic. Each platform is different Each has its own demographics, particular content, and specific motivations and goals when it comes to business. Know where your audience interacts most Make enjoyable content Social media is most effective when utilised to push back to your website.

4. Website Speed Website speed is critical to the health of your website Huge indicator of a viewer’s engagement and further relationship with your brand. Everyone is on the move and doesn’t have time to deal with slow loading pages. In fact, 47% of users expect a website to load in two seconds 39% of people will stop engaging if images won’t load or take too long. Google is also more likely to rank your website higher depending on its speed.

5. Mobile Responsiveness Mobile usage accounts for at least half of all website traffic Test for accessibility and user-friendliness on a range of devices. Mobile responsiveness can decrease bounce rates Enhance website speed Account for higher conversions Impacts SEO and Google rankings greatly.

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