5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your Website

For virtually every tradesmen, having tools and equipment that make the job go faster and easier is essential to success. That’s why ceramic tile installers use a tile saw rather than a tile break, and carpenters use a nail gun instead of a hammer. This principle also applies to your website. Using plugins for your WordPress website can help make your life easier while providing a better experience to your website visitors. Here are 5 must have WordPress plugins for your website that will do just that:

    1. Gravity Forms . If you publish a website, including a contact form is an absolute must. Visitors expect it. Beyond that, as a tradesman, you may wish to have something a bit more specific. For example, a job estimate request form. Such a form could contain fields where prospective customers enter specific data relative to a job they want done, or just a name and contact phone number where you can call them back to schedule an appointment. Whatever your needs, Gravity Forms is a great plugin for creating forms for your website.
    2. Optin Monster . A website is a great way to capture leads for your business. This is especially important if visitors are just window-shopping – not ready to pick a tradie and sign a contract just yet. By offering some sort of freebie, you can capture visitors’ contact information. Using Optin Monster, you can create beautiful optin forms and pop-ups for your website and convert your visitors into warm leads that you can periodically follow-up with.
    3. Floating Social Bar . If you’ve been following our blog at all, you know that social media is an effective marketing tool. Floating social bar places a floating horizontal share bar on your blog posts, and pages. The floating feature causes the bar to stay visible as the visitor scrolls down the page, encouraging visitors to share your content. This results in more social media shares.
    4. Most good tradie websites have lots of photographs showing their work. Enivra Gallery is a responsive WordPress plugin that enables you to create stunning photo galleries with powerful effects, easy navigation, and responsive design. It also loads quickly so your visitors won’t get impatient and click off your site.


    1. Soliloquy . Another great touch for tradie websites is the “slider”. A slider is simply a slide show of selected images from your website, often appearing at the top of a home page. They can be quite enticing to visitors, and cause them to browse deeper into your site. Most slider plugins will slow down your site, but Soliloquy loads quickly so your visitors won’t get tired of waiting and leave your site.



Of course, there are many good WordPress plugins available. The five we’ve highlighted here were selected for their applicability to tradesmen websites.

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